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Triple flare involved art involves the stereoscopic triple flare movement during creation. For most artwork the eyes were the triple flare focus point. For further explanation of the triple flare please scroll down past first set of images. I have provided literature and triple flare step charts.

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Please let me know if you can do the triple flare. I would like to obtain more triple flare photos and make more triple flare contacts.

Mastery of stereograms aids the performance of triple flare. The two eye setup of the triple flare is very similar to the two image setup of stereograms. Stereograms use two images. The triple flare replaces the two images with two eyes. The traditional stereogram two image setup is not needed, as now a face is used. Making it very flexible in everyday social activities.

The triple flare seems to act as an social tool that aids in ‘breaking the ice’. The triple flare also acts to improve immersive enjoyment of music. And once you can do the triple flare, try to do the triple flare at the same time a friend does the triple flare. Like a duo, staring at each other’s face. A firm mental grip.

When creating the paintings, two paint brushes are used to create the eyes. Left and right handed brushes. The eyes are painted in the active stereoscopic triple flare position. Three eyes are seen while painting in the stereoscopic triple flare position, but only two eyes are painted. Sounds awkward, but it is truly a trick of the eye. The same process is utilized for pencil and ink. After the stereoscopic eyes are created then the rest of the form is filled to satisfaction. Performing the triple flare on the paintings to create the eyes is a form of practice. In its true sense the triple flare tends to lean into the nightclubbing world. The clubbers use the triple flare to communicate with others, enhance the experience, and enjoy the results. A workout circuit routine can be created to experiment with triple flare fitness, but again a respected nightclub is the ideal location.

A webcam can capture an activated triple flare face. Stare into the webcam, enter the triple flare position, and snap a webcam photo. Then print the activated triple flare face to hang on the wall. Because the triple flare has stimuli, a photo can eternally stimulate people in the surroundings. You can replace the activated photo when it is a bother, you get stronger, or when you have another person’s activated triple flare photo. A tip is to use an activated triple flare face photo during another webcam picture capture. Remember to cut a hole for the webcam. Thanks for the visit.


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