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Triple flare involved art involves the stereoscopic triple flare movement during creation. For most artwork the eyes were the triple flare focus point. For further explanation of the triple flare please scroll down past first set of images. I have provided literature and triple flare step charts.

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Mastery of stereograms aids the performance of triple flare. The two eye setup of the triple flare is very similar to the two image setup of stereograms. Stereograms use two images. The triple flare replaces the two images with two eyes. The traditional stereogram two image setup is not needed, as now a face is used. Making it very flexible in everyday social activities.

The triple flare seems to act as an social tool that aids in ‘breaking the ice’. The triple flare also acts to improve immersive enjoyment of music. And once you can do the triple flare, try to do the triple flare at the same time a friend does the triple flare. Like a duo, staring at each other’s face. A firm mental grip.

When creating the paintings, two paint brushes are used to create the eyes. Left and right handed brushes. The eyes are painted in the active stereoscopic triple flare position. Three eyes are seen while painting in the stereoscopic triple flare position, but only two eyes are painted. Sounds awkward, but it is truly a trick of the eye. The same process is utilized for pencil and ink. After the stereoscopic eyes are created then the rest of the form is filled to satisfaction. Performing the triple flare on the paintings to create the eyes is a form of practice. In its true sense the triple flare tends to lean into the nightclubbing world. The clubbers use the triple flare to communicate with others, enhance the experience, and enjoy the results. A workout circuit routine can be created to experiment with triple flare fitness, but again a respected nightclub is the ideal location.

A webcam can capture an activated triple flare face. Stare into the webcam, enter the triple flare position, and snap a webcam photo. Then print the activated triple flare face to hang on the wall. Because the triple flare has stimuli, a photo can eternally stimulate people in the surroundings. You can replace the activated photo when it is a bother, you get stronger, or when you have another person’s activated triple flare photo. A tip is to use an activated triple flare face photo during another webcam picture capture. Remember to cut a hole for the webcam. Thanks for the visit.

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The Snowman

The boys played games early Saturday morning, and they decided to go outside to play in the snow.  The snowman the boys built together was still standing.  Winter was especially cold this year.  The boys decided to add on to their snow fort. 

As the boys finished the addition, the snowman came alive.  The boys were amazed to see the snowman come alive again.  This time the snowman had snow candy treats for the boys.  The treats were enjoyed by the boys.  But the snowman pointed to his carrot nose.  The carrot was withered and had started to shrink.  One of the boys clued in and smiled.  Then he went inside for a short break.

The snowman and boy started a quick snowball fight as they waited for the other boy.  When the other boy came back outside, he flashed a new carrot to the snowman.  The old carrot was replaced by a new carrot.  The boys did a quick inspection of the snowman to check for other flaws.  Scarf, hat, and earmuffs looked great.  Rocks for the snowman’s eyes, smile and jacket were perfect.  Sticks for the snowman’s arms might need replacement.

Off the boys went looking for new sticks for the snowman’s arms.  After a short while looking, they found some sturdy sticks.  Without pause, the boys replaced the snowman’s arms.  Looking great the snowman smiled.  When the snowman smiled the sun shone through the clouds.  The snowman basked in the sun with the boys.  

Moments after the clouds rushed in.  It began to snow, and snow heavily.  The boys started to get cold, and decided to go inside to warm up with some hot chocolate.  As the boys started to go inside, the snowman waved goodbye with a smile.  The boys waved back, and the snowman threw a snowball at the boys.  The boys and snowman laughed at that moment.

The snow storm would not let up and it was getting very cold.  The boys were warm in the house.  After the hot chocolate, the boys played with their GI Joe toys.  They had new GI Joe toys to play with too.  New vehicles and new action figures to imagine new battles.  Wrestling was soon to come on TV too.  The boys were so happy to play with GI Joe toys and watch their favourite TV program.  After some time the boys were getting tired and outside was getting dark.

The boys decided to go to sleep.  Before they went to sleep they looked outside at the snowman.  The snowman was covered in new snow.  The boys got their shovels ready for tomorrow, and went to sleep.  When morning came, the boys jumped out of bed.  They had breakfast.  They ran outside in the early morning light to check on the snowman.

The snowman greeted the boys and tried to brush off the new snow.  After a long time the boys removed the snow near the snowman with their shovels.  The exhausted boys rested near the snowman.  The sun came out while the boys rested.  It was still cold outside, so the sun did not melt the snowman.  The boys yawned, and checked the snowman.  The snowman looked great.

The boys got behind their snow fort, and had a snowball fight with the snowman.  The boys dodged many of the snowman’s snowballs.  One of the boys knocked off the snowman’s hat though.  The snowman called time out.  The boys fixed the snowman’s hat.  The sun shone through again, but this time the boys went inside for lunch. 

The Haunted Scream

A piano stands in a cluttered room, an expert eye can see that the piano has been repaired.  Normal people would not notice the repairs.  Two young werewolves enter the room to begin playing the piano, and their dad joins in.  For a short time the three play the piano in harmony.  A female werewolf then enters the room to begin singing along.  For a short time they play as a family.

A ghost sits outside and faintly hears the music coming from a house.  The ghost begins to walk through walls to join the fun.  As the ghost enters the piano room, the four werewolves stop entertaining.  Each werewolf greets the ghost.  The music continues on as a ghost and four werewolves play music.  

The sound of the music is wonderful.  The occasional werewolf howl and ghost boo doesn’t ruin the melody.  In fact, the music is lively and not dark.  Like one might expect from a dark ensemble.  They play music until one of the young werewolf’s stomach growls.  The mother werewolf signals an apology and rushes to the kitchen to make a morning meal.  The music group then breaks up, and the father werewolf begins to read the newspaper.  And the young werewolves play hide and seek with the ghost.

Mother werewolf calls the others in for a meal.  They all consume the tasty meal mother werewolf prepared.  The young werewolves asked for a second helping of the mother werewolf’s meal.  Father werewolf approved of the young werewolf’s request.  Soon after everyone ate the meal, the family decided to have a snooze to properly digest the meal. 

Snork, the ghost, was not eager to snooze and went back outside to explore.  Because he was able to float and walk through walls, Snork decided to explore the hills of the ghost town one more time.  Snork decided to start exploring at his favourite spot in the hills.  An open area with low grass growth.  Not much was in this open area, but the sun shone through the trees.  Giving Snork the feeling of warmth.  

Off the open area is a cave, house, and manor.  Both the house and manor were old and dilapidated.  The house and manor were on opposite sides of the open area.  The cave might require more maturity to explore because it was known to be dangerous.  Taking it easy, Snork decided to go explore the house. 

Upon entering the house,  Snork located the sunshine through the broken windows.  Snork stood in the sunshine.  Snork was not too interested in examining the artifacts in the house.  He was more interested in mapping out the house.  To find any hidden areas.  Snork has been through this house many times, but still cannot find hidden areas.  Although the house has been completely mapped, he decided to try again.  Snork did not want to piece together the history of the house.  Maybe it was time to learn the history of the house.

A Story of the Old West

Tom Trueblood checked his silver pocket watch, and put the pocket watch away as the afternoon train arrived.  Tom was not expecting visitors, cargo, or parcels today.  He sat in his comfortable chair in his luxurious train station office sipping tea.  A knock on the door from the kitchen aid notified Tom that lunch was to be served soon.  Tom finished his last sip and left his office for lunch.  He was sure to lock the door to his office.

Upon arriving at the lunchroom,  Tom noticed the familiar crowd and greeted them.  He just grabbed a small lunch, and he took it back to his office.  Tom had some milk, fruits, and a sandwich.  He ate the lunch slowly as he looked through the train station window.  Noticing nothing he had a snooze in his luxurious furniture.  Tom had a power nap and a quick dream.  

A dream about winning the poker hand at the Longbranch Saloon.  It had been some time since Tom visited the saloon.  Tom looked at his agenda and noticed that he had no spots available for visiting the saloon.  Tom thought about how priceless his dream was though.  Maybe next month or next year Tom could visit the Longbranch Saloon to play some poker.  A knock on the door and quick words notified Tom that some office employees had arrived for afternoon meetings.  Tom let in the employees and greeted them.  They moved the meeting to a large office desk.  They talked about budgets, loans and upgrades to the city and train station for the whole afternoon.  

When the meeting was over, Tom saw that the sun was beginning to fall to the horizon.  Tom sent the employees home, locked his office and went home to his manor.  As the stars started to appear, Tom arrived at home in his horse carriage.  Tom greeted his wife, children, and pets.  Tom told great stories to his children during supper, and after supper Tom went to the stables to tend to his horses.  Tom grabbed some well water for his pets and animals.  Because it was getting dark, Tom lit the lanterns to do some late work at the stables.  As Tom finished working, his wife came down to talk with him.  They had a quick conversation about the children needing new clothes.  Tom told his wife about his poker dream.  

She laughed at the dream in a reminiscent way because she used to be a dancer at the saloon.  Tom laughed too because he really could not remember his greatest win at the Longbranch Saloon.  During their time at the saloon, they had a blast.  Except for the appearance of Herman Snivel.  Slow and sloppy.  They had a chuckle at Herman Snivel.  Tom turned off the stable lanterns and walked back to the house embracing his wife.  Up the trail to the house to sleep for the night.

Tom woke up the next day with bright light shining through the window.  Back to work Tom thought.  He quickly had a small breakfast with his family.  He left some cash for new clothes for the children.  Tom hopped into his carriage and off to work he went.  He arrived at work very early.  After grabbing some tea, Tom unlocked his office.  He opened the door and read his agenda for the day.  Not much work to do.  Two trains today, and maybe off to the bank to donate some cash to the community.

What Good Luck Bad Luck

The adventurer thought to himself how lucky he was.  Avoiding sharks and whales.  Surviving a green plane crash into a mountain.  Working in a relationship with a military force.  All to return to Calgary.  But what direction was he coming from?  There are mountains near Calgary, but no oceans are near Calgary. 

At one point in Calgary’s prehistoric past there was an ocean covering Calgary.  Was the adventurer time traveling in the past?  Now that he was in Calgary, he thought he would do a quick time check.

The adventurer was still wearing his red and blue outfit.  The adventurer was at his friend’s house.  The old friend and adventurer had a discussion about current trends in Calgary.  The friend told the adventurer that he was flying a green military plane.  The crash into the mountain was unexpected because the adventurer knew how to fly.  Both agreed that clouds were surrounding the mountain.  

The ocean after the mountain crash was peculiar.  The old friend reassured the adventurer that he did not time travel to the past.  But how was there an ocean after hitting the mountain?  The old friend suggested that the crash did happen near an ocean, and the military force transported the adventurer long distances to Calgary.  

Why was the adventurer flying?  The friend did not have an answer.  How lucky the adventurer was to survive the plane crash.  Even more to survive the shark and whale encounters in the ocean.  The bonus was to find the military force headed by Amy.  Maybe Amy has more answers for the adventurer.

The adventurer and old friend sat for a long time conversing.  Politics, sports, and newspaper headlines.  The adventurer put the mishap behind himself.  Feeling better to make it to his friend’s house.  To eventually get going with the next task.  The old friend brought out a video game console, and the two played video games on a large screen TV.  They played for hours, and through wins and loses neither complained.  The time playing video games was enjoyed by both.  The old friend took a break to make a home cooked meal in the oven.

The meal was devoured by both.  After finishing the meal the old friend brought out some snacks.  Chips, pop, and chocolate were brought to the video game area.  They played and ate snacks  into the late night.  Later on that night almost into the morning, they decided to quit and get some rest.  The adventurer was calmer after many hours playing video games with the old friend.  

September 17 1985

A warrior has become a legend because the warrior helped a boy heal from an illness.  The boy fell ill quite some time ago, and the now legendary warrior completed a quest.  What was in the quest?  What heroic deeds did the warrior do? Was there magic too?  Any dragons?

Imagine the challenges the warrior faced.  Also imagine the excitement the boy experienced listening, watching and participating in the epic quest.  For any fault of the warrior might have led to the downfall of the boy.  The quest was completed many years ago.  What has become of the boy and the warrior’s tale?

The boy grew up moderately healthy and productive.  Unfortunately, the warrior’s tale has been forgotten.  Put on the shelf.  Collecting dust. Probably lost in the massive collection of warrior tales.  Even more heroic tales with mightier tasks.  Is there any demand for warrior tales?  If the feats of the warrior healed the boy, many other ill people could use the warrior’s story.  What was the healing moment or ingredient in the story?

Going back to review such an important tale is challenging.  Was the warrior a female, male, or other?  An alien or creature?  On first impressions, it was suggested that the warrior was a female.  With long scarlet hair.  Riding a mount.  Carrying a sharp, mysterious, and magical warrior sword.  A shiny sword with ancient inscriptions and power gems.  Crafted to enhance the natural power of the warrior.

Her mount was a normal mount, but with intelligence to communicate with the warrior.  Her armour reveals her beauty.  Her skill with the sword keeps her safe from danger.  A mystical bow might be part of her gear.  To knock down enemies in the distance.  And the harness would be roomy enough to stash her quest treasures.  With space for more rewards.  She lives a nomadic life, but trades to survive and upgrade her health, mount and gear.  Welcome in most towns, she often gets great deals at inns.

Not much for the taverns.  Loud, obnoxious, and smelly patrons often surround her.  Not even a chance to escape.  Lacking charm in such situations leads her to depend on noble acquaintances.  Her beauty often provides for nobles to secure her safety.  Her beauty is famous around the lands.

Not much for the city excitement, the warrior rides her mount to dangerous caves.  To rescue people and defeat monsters.  Often people go missing, so the warrior has developed her rescue skills.  Unfortunately, the warrior has gone missing.  Missing from the daily conversations.  Placed on a shelf.  Competing with other warriors.  To rescue the lost.  To heal a community.

The Card Game

A cowboy dressed in brown leather scanned the western saloon.  Not many people here today.  The barkeep was washing some drinking glasses.  Black Rock was sitting at a card table.  That was all the people at the saloon.  The leathered cowboy was often called Leather Man.  Leather Man saw the sun shining through the window.  He decided to go outside to have a look.  Walking to the saloon doors, Leather Man could hear the wind. 

Fully outside the saloon, Leather Man saw nothing but red sand, the horizon, some cacti, a red rocked growth, and the blazing sun.  Not much to explore in the desert because Leather Man was lacking the proper survival tools.  Leather Man thought the red rocked growth an easy expedition.  Not expecting to find any treasures, Leather Man walked up a path on the red rock growth.  

It took some time for Leather Man to reach the top of the red rock.  Out of breath and sweating, Leather Man wished he had some water.  As Leather Man regained himself, the sun began to set in the desert horizon.  Stars began to shine in the dark sky.  Cold air rushed in as Leather Man sat to admire the night sky.  Leather Man looked around from the high vantage point.  One side of the had a bustling town with a lush forest.  The other side was a dry, sandy, and windy desert.  There were some caves in the desert with underground lakes.  The town was on a river near a refreshing mountain lake.

Leather Man walked back to the saloon.  The walk down the path was much quicker than the grueling walk up.  The barkeep mentioned that the stew was ready.  Black Rock had an empty bowl on the card table.  Within minutes of Leather Man sitting down, a bowl of stew was placed before him.  Leather Man ate the satisfying stew.  Leather Man paid the barkeep for the stew, and sat by the window gazing at the stars.  As the night started to settle in, people began to enter the once lonely saloon.  Must be all the workers from the local town.

Extra saloon staff started to serve the patrons.  The piano was being played, and ladies were dancing on the stage.  Some new dancers were coming to the saloon to perform a new show for the patrons.  Leather Man was tired from the day, and decided to leave the saloon.  Black Rock was playing cards with a full table and waved Leather Man goodbye.  The barkeep also waved goodbye.  Leather Man resigned at his shack dwelling near the desert.  Just enough security to keep him safe in all seasons.

The desert wind howled all night long as Leather Man slept.  Safe in his dwelling for the whole night.  Very few valuables were at Leather Man’s shack, none that would interest a thief.  Leather Man woke to the sound of a rooster.  A local rooster from the small desert community he lived in.  He grabbed some eggs, vegetables, and tinder from the community desert farm.  Leather Man made a quick breakfast.  The barkeep would be upset because the barkeep had ample food to feed Leather Man. 

Energy of Universe

The universe is huge.  Eventually, the universe will go dark.  That means all stars die out, and the universe will cool.  It is suggested that there are multi-universes.  What if all the universes go dark, cool, and become a void.  Will life survive?  Will life try to survive the darkness?

Some deep dark ocean life forms rely on bioluminescence to communicate.  Will other life forms evolve such unique characteristics?  Such characteristics to live in the darkness and cold.  Using light in total darkness to create a life cycle. 

Water has a trait that its solid state is less dense than the liquid state.  Ice floats.  Maybe large masses of water might be able to support life if the universe goes dark.  Eventually, the cooling universe would solidify the water.  Maybe there are chemicals that turn to gas as the universe cools, so that constantly excited gas molecules might produce energy.  Enough energy to create an energy cycle.  A cycle that could support life.  

When the universe cools and reaches an extremely cold state throughout, would the universe become brittle?  So brittle that the universe might crumble under its own delicateness.  As energy cools, how would time respond?  Would time work so fast that the cool universe would collapse?  In relation to time moving so slow at the speed of light.

As the relations of time become constant with the cooling universe, how would time flow.  No more hopping into the light speed cruiser to save time.  For example, if one twin traveled at the speed of light for some time, the other twin would be older.  Would time flow so fast in a cooled universe that time escaped the physical dimensions of space.  For example, every object was stuck in a single spot for the span of the universe?

What I Learned at School

School can be expensive or affordable.  Depending on the approach of the student.  Some students get scholarships, inheritances, paychecks for school fees.  Some students shop for their education.  To get the most reasonable deal.  Student loans are available too.

It is unfortunate if a field of interest is not available for the student.  Unsupervised learning can be a struggle for students.  Very few questions get answered, the responses might not be from a quality learning institute.  Frustrations from learning alone can mount because learning alone is jamming experience growth.

Interest is an important drive for a student.  Interest in a subject can grow and be maintained over many years.  Supporting  enjoyment of life.  A person’s talents might not be where their main interest is.  

Talents are great to conquer school challenges.  Tasks that are difficult for other students can be completed by talented students.  A superstar in a field of study.  Unique talents can be a pillar of society leading to rewards.  Talents can span for the whole life or be blocked by a superior problem.  If a superior problem appears, group collaboration helps.

Keeping positive relationships with friends, family, and acquaintances through the schooling experience is vital.  Moving through life like that can dissolve major issues quickly.  Friendships in the learning place remove learning phobias, boost esteem, and prepare for life’s worries.

Having interests, talents, and friendships at school is a primary focus that creates an all-star individual.  With gentle nurturing this primary focus could be common in more individuals.  Increasing the enjoyment, satisfaction, and relief through life.  Unfortunately, the complete individual fails due to external stresses.  Students can buckle.  Resolving for a quick end to school to survive.  Leaving friends, interests, and talents behind.  But maintaining a balanced budget for retirement.

Treacherous Paradise – [March 21, 2022 – Brent Shelest]

A world divided into continents.  Many lands with many offerings.  A paradise land rich in desirable nothingness.  Another paradise land fertile and primed for growth.  Knights, samurai, and monks from peaceful paradise lands.  Paradise land of animals and promising birth.  Food and gold from a different paradise land.  In another continent, a paradise land offers many cities of gold.  Other lands are not as fortunate though.

Storms, volcanoes, mountains, and deserts plague other lands.  These treacherous lands are less fortunate than the paradise lands.  Some treacherous lands are completely forgotten because storms are too disastrous.  Life and access to living is more difficult in the treacherous lands.  For example, education is more costly in the treacherous lands.  Family development presents many challenges.  Sports and entertainment stifle in the treacherous lands.

When entitled people from treacherous lands make a choice, they often choose the paradise lands of desirable nothingness and fertile paradise lands.  The life lived in the treacherous lands could be too challenging because a smart choice could be the paradise lands of golden cities.  Even the paradise lands of food and gold.  What could be better than eating and owning gold?

A strategy of selling the gold from paradise lands could be a primary goal of world organizations.  Warlords and vacationers could consider the paradise lands of gold.  Much profit could come from visiting paradise lands of gold.  People who profited from the golden lands, could then turn around and spend the gold.  Easy gold spending habits in other paradise lands.  When the other paradise lands benefit from the gold distribution, then the treacherous lands could benefit as well.

Instead of paradise markets flooding with treacherous lands technology, treacherous markets could flood with paradise goods.  Top technology from treacherous lands might be considered dangerous, but top goods from paradise lands could be considered beneficial and benign.

When approaching the universe, dealing with rich paradise lands might be the only viable strategy.  Other civilizations in the universe might imprison an entire world if treacherous lands technology are the only sellable item.  Noticing a rich commodity with paradise lands in the universe could be a prime destination.  A prime location to get easy access, development, and upgrades to living standards.  

Matt E Rise – March 22, 2022

The Grand Casino is lit up with lights.  Inside and outside there are constant light shows.  In combination with the light shows are water shows.  Spread throughout the casino are aquariums.  People can come to gamble, but many come to see the shows and attractions.  Top entertainers perform at the casino to dazzle the audience.  There are many dance halls for those that like to generate some luck.  For the gamblers there are many games.  

That night at the Grand Casino, Matt E Rise was celebrating with his friends.  Betty Kenson was his life partner.  Matt has been involved with Betty for a long and successful time.  Although they do not have children, the couple is living a fantasy.  Lado Mifek is Matt’s friend and colleague, Lado helps Matt with tough choices.  Betty constantly takes Matt to the dance floor to generate some luck before going gambling.  Lado was popular with the local ladies, so he was on the floor as well.

In this area of the universe many people do the triple flare dance.  The triple flare dance is a common life practice, and involves stereoscopic eye manipulation.  The dance is accepted anywhere possible.  After several hours of triple flare dancing special skills and mental acuity are accessible.  After charging up it is common to use mental powers to score big at the casino.  In addition, the charge up allows people to use special powers to create objects out of thin air.  Most people come to the casino for the social aspect, but some come to the casino to make riches with the special powers.  Creating riches out of thin air to support living, creating counterfeit cash through this special power is accepted by the banks.  The banks like the thrill and challenge of making triple flare products popular and competitive in the market exchanges.  The hospitals encourage making triple flare riches because triple flare activity is extremely healthy.

That night Betty was triple flare dancing with Matt.  For hours and hours they used the ocular dance.  Lado was mingling with other ladies at the casino.  Lado was using the triple flare, but Lado was not following strict guidelines.  Matt was feeling overcharged that night, and was prepared for challenging the casino and triple flare product exchange.  The triple flare product exchange was conveniently located at the casino.

Matt was exhausted from previous nights of treasure hunting for Trash Man.  Unfortunately, Collector was unable to present Matt with a comfortable treasure hunt.  Dr Den suggested that Trash Man had an acceptable treasure hunt for Matt.  Matt took the exhausting treasure hunt from Trash Man, and Matt returned modest gains.  The rebound from yesterday’s exhaustion to today’s feeling of overcharged might make some rare triple flare products worth trading.  Matt put his creative triple flare skills to the test and made a gem in front of casino friends.  

Matt then took the gem to the triple flare product exchange for market analysis.  After the analysis Matt found out it was good enough for tonight’s celebration.  After Matt cashed out, he was pulled onto the dance floor by Betty.

Zack Max Martin – March 23, 2022

Alone in his cramped outer space workstation office, Zack Max Martin looked through the window at the stars.  Nothing interesting caught his attention.  He was tired after a long capture mission that he successfully came back from.  He was able to get information from the Agents.  Human Agents that patrol regions of the universe.  Agents that serve a gray alien queen.  The last bit of scans and downloads on the captured information were almost finished.  

The information that was captured would take a day’s work to sort and categorize, so Zack sent a message to Melody Callart and Ulultha Othercha.  Melody was Zack’s wife.  Ulultha was Zack’s best friend, and Ulultha is a tall gray alien.  They replied to the message, and agreed to meet for a meal.  A mild buffet at the local hot house. 

When comparing skills, Zack and Ulultha have similar advanced computer skills.  Ulultha has a background in alien technology.  Zack has a background in human technology.  Ulultha is taller and stronger, so Agent skirmishes often are his duty.  Although Zack is shorter that Ulultha, Zack is tall by human standards.  Ulultha is very tall.  Melody is versed in alien and human technology, but her skills are seduction.  Flowing red hair often melts the hearts of Agents.

The group met at the hot house buffet, and conversed over a mild buffet.  The hot house tried to keep an organic feel by adding real and synthetic plants to the hot house appearance.  Mostly, synthetic plants though.  Neon and cardboard advertising signs were posted around the hot house to attract customers.  The group ate the meal together.

Much of the conversation was mild because of Agent spying.  Agents were docile in this area of outer space.  Some of the conversation was fake and misleading to shake off eavesdroppers.  But they agreed to meet up after the information was filed properly.  The group had time to organize the information because the capture mission went smoothly.  The capture mission was so easy that the group was convinced the Agents would not notice any loss or copying of information.  They paid for the tasty buffet and departed back to their locations, but Melody went with Zack to his office.

When the office door was closed, Melody hugged and kissed Zack.  Zack immediately blushed and sighed.  The two were in a comfortable embrace.  They held the position for a while until the automatic stimulant drink maker binged with a newly brewed cup.  Zack laughed with Melody.  The drink could wait, but both were interested to see if the information was filed properly.  They broke their embrace.  Zack checked the files.  Melody grabbed the drink and put one on for Zack.

The information filing was completed.  Zack saw some credit offers for the information already.  Zack waited for Melody to view the offers.  The drink for Zack was ready.  They both viewed the offers together with drinks in hand.  A simple message was sent to Ulultha with a list of the offers.  Ulultha responded with happiness, and Ulultha’s reply told Zack and Melody his choice of offers.  Zack and Melody agreed with Ulultha.  Zack and Melody had a sip of the stimulant drink, and Zack sent bits of the information out.  Credits were received, and bank authorizations were printed out.  The group was extremely happy with the rewards, and agreed to meet up soon.

Zoo Noo – March 24, 2022

Marty Zoo was working in this office with employees of Zoo Noo.  They were discussing general duties, and how to improve Zoo Noo.  Marty mentioned to the employees that some of his friends could help out with the zoo’s functioning.  Dan Efasgo could do some electronic wiring and computer programming to upgrade the zoo.  Todd McLean was investing new funds into the zoo.  Connor Backlash was using his entertainment status to promote the zoo.  Daily operations were still up to the employees.  As Marty was closing the meeting, he mentioned that the zoo was hiring for more janitors and security.  There was a spike in after hours vandalism.  But the zoo’s staff including Marty did not know who was making the mess.

The janitor and security jobs were recently posted, so Marty Zoo would not review the candidates until the job closed.  Marty has some prospects coming in soon to review the position of the Outer Space Exhibit expansion.  Currently they have some small animals and plant life from outer space.  The red tomatoes from outer space are very popular at the zoo because the zoo’s gift store also sells outer space ketchup.  After all the employees left the room, Marty Zoo looked out at the thriving zoo and poured a cup of coffee.

Marty let in the prospects for the Outer Space Exhibit expansion.  Marty had a busy day lined up today, so he was hoping the hiring process would be smooth.  The candidates entered the office, and Marty greeted them.  He was hiring two people, and 6 people were potential candidates.  All candidates had the proper tickets to work at a zoo, related job experience, and education.  All candidates were professional and charismatic in their responses to the group hiring process.  Marty had a group hiring process because he wanted to see how the candidates worked as a small team.  The meeting went for a couple of hours, and was generally enjoyable.  He closed the meeting and let the candidates know that by the end of the week Zoo Noo will make the choice.  Marty let the candidates out, thanked them, and closed the door.  He now had a break for lunch.  Much of the hiring was to be done by HR which was at the meeting via computers and cameras.  Interacting with and viewing the candidates.

Marty dumped out his coffee, grabbed lunch from his office fridge, and closed the blinds to the zoo.  Turning on the radio, Marty ate his lunch.  After the quick lunch Marty had a power nap for the lunch break.  Marty woke from the nap as an employee was knocking on the door.  Marty checked the clock.  It was time to scan the zoo and greet the employees.  Marty rushed out of his office with the driver employee.  They entered a modified golf cart with roll bars and a more powerful engine.  Marty put on sunglasses and turned on the radio.  The zoo was large, so Marty and the driver would visit a small section.

The first destination was the hippo pond.  Marty arrived at the pond and waved at the head operator of the hippo pond.  The employee at the pond was well educated and had a passion for hippos.  She greeted Marty with a smile and showed Marty some charts, graphs, and figures.  Marty quickly scanned the sheets and signed them.  Marty signed them again to increase the hippo pond budget.  Marty would have to talk to Todd McLean later about the renovations and cleaning cost increases for the hippo pond.

Defenseless – March 28, 2022

Humanity has made it to the stars.  Contact with many other alien species happened too.  Humanity is the only major race that has a benign appearance.  The vast majority of alien races have features that are protective.  For example, some races have claws, fangs, electroshock and venom.  The list of defenses is long.

Humans lack the protective features, so humans are defenseless.  But the lack of defense is not considered a flaw.  Most alien races are not aggressive.  Human and alien species use the triple flare, but humans are the most successful at performing triple flare skills.  In fact, most casual events are dominated by humans.  Entertainment in the universe is performed mainly by humans.  Technology manufacturing is led quite often by alien races with natural defenses.

Humans are considered to be a rare gem in the universe.  A surviving race gifted in the arts, entertainment, and sports.  Many aliens come from planetary systems that have never encountered mass extinction events.  To meet a human that has evolved from such an unfortunate planet is considered to be legendary.

Many alien races tend to their manufacturing to protect family and more importantly the mother.  Many of the alien races have a praying mantis setup where the males are less dominant to females.  Many males give their life to aid the mother and protect the community.  Many alien races are in awe of humans because of the opposite setup.  Human males are most dominant, but are not protected by females.  The males are encouraged to enter the arts to get support from the community.  Driving the community closer and pushing the community farther.

Many aliens enjoy the martial arts handed down from humanity because of the development of skills and community.  Aliens and humans dream of being the fastest racer.  Running, car, spaceship or card races spark human and alien prosperity.  

As humans move from their unfortunate planet, more bountiful planets support human life.  Although humans are defenseless, talents in the arts maintain survival.  Casual events are hosted by humans because aliens often fail casual contact.  Technological manufacturing is managed by aliens.  Human designed artforms inspire the next generations.  Running events are very popular and known to support alien and human communities.

Red Zone – March 29, 2022

On an open grassy plane a small group of humans organize at night.  The group heads for a lighted source.  The group is now entirely in the light source.  The small group has a variety of people strong enough to start a small community.  To start a meeting an elder with gray hair raises her hand with a closed fist.  She then opens her hand to reveal a solid red coloured palm.  The rest of the group raise their hands too.  Also revealing solid red palms.

Then the group starts swaying and singing.  Both palms are used in this traditional dance.  As solid red palms are waving with the music.  As members smile wide they reveal a solid red tongue.  The music is starting to get intense, and the swaying is moving to motion.  Some members are moving around the group’s circle, and solid red foot soles are revealed.  Solid red hand palms, tongues, and foot soles are common within this population.

The whole group is moving in a circular motion with the music.  Some people are moving fast and some are moving slow.  But all are displaying their solid red parts.  As the music is entering its climax, the light goes out.  People suddenly stop in the darkness and morph the music to a humming.  Nothing is visible except the stars, horizon, fireflies, and bright solid red body parts.  

The group marches in one spot, and the red foot soles are shining bright red.  Hands are placed with hand palms open to the sky, and the red hand palms are shining bright red.  Mouths open and humming a chant, and red tongues are shining bright.  An energy forms around the small group.  As the energy is shared throughout the small group, the sun begins to peak over the horizon.  One last melodical chant from the elders, and the group closes mouths, makes fists, and plants feet.  Their redness has disappeared, and the group’s energy is evaporating.  The sun rises in the horizon with the group’s energy floating into the sky and absorbing into the environment.

All members are not showing their red parts.  Within a few moments of the sun’s morning blast, the group begins to resume normal life.  With red body parts visible, some members begin chatting and laughing.  Some put on gloves, shoes, and masks to hide their redness.  Life returns to normal and members of the group leave to start their day.  

Master King Lord – March 30, 2022

A man sat on a stool by a fire alone.  He was working on some hand crafts.  The fire was positioned outside of a cave dwelling.  A dense forest is near the cave, but there was a small clearing for the man.  A small garden and farm were alongside the cave, but not close to the forest.  Many others in the cave network would work on the garden and farm.  The day started sunny, but soon dark clouds came in.  

The man walked into his cave dwelling.  There was a door to the dwelling to keep out most intruders and animals.  A safe place to live and thrive.  A fire was burning in the cave dwelling.  The man sat in front of the cave fire and started a different hand craft.  This craft involved more scripture and scribbling with fine materials.  

A knock came on the door and a voice came through.  A recognizable voice of Mary Cliffshade.  The man opened the door to let her in.  They sat by the fire and recounted tales.  Some news was mentioned.  Princess Logblade, Princess Redblade, and Princess Boneblade were seen in the man’s area.  Mary confirmed that the princesses were not looking for the man.  Soon there was a knock on the door.  More of a pounding than friendly knock.

The man opened the door to see who was there.  It was the three princesses.  They greeted the man by his royal name called Noleod.  A name that was given to him as a baby.  A baby in service to the local royals.  Noleod wondered what the princesses wanted on this rainy day.  The path to Noleod’s cave was not easy.  Even on horses, the path went through a dangerous and uncharted forest.  

The princesses were on routine checks of the land, and thought it nice to visit Noleod.  Noleod held back his anger because he was no longer in service to the royals.  In fact, many services to the royals were considered illegal.  Illegal services considered to be a form of slavery.  A royal degree was signed to mark the freedom of slaves to the royals.  

The princesses blushed because they caught Noleod holding back his anger.  Princess Boneblade waved at Noleod to get his attention.  She gave him some meager royal gifts.  Most of the gifts were edibles.  The princesses excused themselves and galloped back through the forest path.  Back to the elaborate royal kingdom.  Noleod waved back, accepted the gifts, and went back inside the house.

Mary immediately chucked and Noleod smiled back.  Mary opened her palms and Noleod gave her the gifts to inspect.  Mary inspected the gifts, and mentioned that it is mostly jams and biscuits.  A traveling meal for the three princesses.  Noleod wondered why the princesses showed up.  Noleod thought he was being spied on.  To avoid suspicion, Noleod continued on with his daily chores.

Mary cuddled up by the cave fire and fell asleep.  Noleod went outside in the rain to do some chores, but the rain was too heavy.  Noleod went inside the cave dwelling, but he did notice some suspicious tracks in the mud.  Mostly dog creature tracks.

Dragon Tea Flea – March 31, 2022

The elite team trained very hard for this day.  The team had the best of the best units and was up against a massive monster from the forest.  Previously to the battle, the elite team built a simple base.  A base to conduct simple missions from.  

The massive monster appeared and the elite team tried to take down the monster.  Many members of the elite team got hurt from the monster.  The captain called a retreat.  The monster was victorious that day.  As the monster left the battle zone, the medics came to treat the wounded.  Many people were hurt, but many were saved.  For those that were lost, a memorial was held at a two hill river park.

The captain and other advanced elite members had a meeting to discuss the losses.  Ideas that were mentioned in the meeting were to place monster traps, build a larger elite robot, leave the area, get stronger weapons.  Stronger weapons would still leave the elite members vulnerable.  A larger robot was dropped because of the expense.  But the members were advanced in most fields of study, so the group might make large robots another time.  Leaving the area seemed like the most promising plan.  Making a monster trap is the government’s method of capture, and this elite advanced team was not part of the government.

So the best plan was to leave the area.  To retreat progress, so to save lives.  The team put all gear into storage.  Vehicles were parked in storage too.  The team decided to train harder.  To return to the old battlefield when the advanced elite team was prepared.

Many years were spent in study.  Monsters were analyzed from large computer databases.  At one point a large satellite was proposed to beam a laser at the monsters.  The monster’s progress was slow.  Some monster night raids happened with little damage because building designs were so superior.  Some members said the advanced elite team should focus on gradual construction to chase the primitive monsters out.  

A plan of construction and community growth was now the principal aim of the advanced elite team.  No more robots, lasers, or traps.  Positive community growth would eat away at the monster’s territory.  Many elite members thought it strange to change the military angle to construction.  A small militarized team of elite members was formed legally.  The small team branched into several advanced members.  Although the small military group was getting ready, the small group was reminded of the monster’s strength and size.  One on one fights would be the monster’s favor.  Bravery and courage would have to be the main goals of the small military team. 

Maxim Bridge – April 4, 2022

A call from the head office was made to EXT73.  EXT73 was asked to secure the perimeter of an abandoned building.  EXT73 was also asked to search the building for anything suspicious.  Following orders EXT73 suited up in their technologically advanced dark suits.  Upon arriving at the building, EXT73 met up with some Mortar Knights and Red Orb allies.  EXT73 easily secured the perimeter.  Group members from Mortar Knights, Red Orb, and EXT73 started to search the abandoned building.

The basement to the building was small, so the group started the search from the top of the building.  Night was upon them, so EXT73 members put on their night vision goggles.  The group decided to split up.  EXT73 would work alone in the dark.  Mortar Knights and Red Orb would work together.  Red Orb members cast a light spell that would allow Red Orb members and Mortar Knight members to see in the dark.  If anything went wrong Red Orb members were prepared to cast defensive spells on the group.  The search went on for hours.  The building was clear, and nothing suspicious was spotted.  The night was so calm that some workers were cleaning windows of an adjacent building. A group report was filed, and the building was cleared for demolition orders.

The head office received the report the next day, and put barriers around the abandoned building.  Barriers tall enough to block people from entering.  The abandoned building was one of the many job sites being prepared by the Maxim Bridge offices.  A bridge was an active job.  A turnpike was another active job.  Industrial water works was another job on the go.  Several more grand vision jobs were in the works too.  The budget for most of the jobs was in the millions and billions of dollars.  

Ben Curtis, Maxim Bridge, Captain All, and Toco-Man were discussing further projects in the main office.  Toco-Man mentioned that the jungle projects were developing well.  Ben Curtis talked about how successful the downtown development was.  Captain All reported that there has been very little antagonist reaction to the developments, and that opposition has been very quiet.  Maxim Bridge absorbed all the information, and presented a letter from a member of the opposition named Sergeant Sleeper.  Maxim had not opened the letter.  Maxime had not planned to open the letter without proper examination of it.  Toco-Man and Ben Curtis looked at Captain All.  Captain All blushed and immediately had EXT73 on the line.  An EXT73 agent arrived, and left the office with the letter.  EXT73’s inspection would be thorough.

Calm Leaf – April 5, 2022

Suzy Cowgirl was comfortably sitting at a table enjoying a hot beverage in the morning sunlight.  Not thinking about much, she was hoping her body would wake up.  Trying to make sense of the bad news from Dr. Nwa.  Redun pulled up a chair and joined Suzy Cowgirl in the morning light.  The light was warm and inviting.  Redun sat opposite Suzy.

During the morning wake up, Redun recounted tales of battles.  Suzy chuckled at Redun.  Both wondered if other friends would return.  Many of the charismatic ladies were long forgotten, and the lapse in memory was troubling both Redun and Suzy.  It was painful recalling the other ladies, and Suzy shed a tear.  The tear glistened in the sun.

Redun brought up some bad news.  It looked like Pineapple and Icehole were working for Dr. Nwa.  Pineapple was a sweet lady, but knew how to viciously hurt people.  Icehole was a cold individual that was always in the shadows plotting destruction.  Dr. Nwa was a great doctor, but had evil plans that treated many patients like livestock.  

Suzy and Redun looked outside at the vehicles that still remained in the lot.  Sleeping Bear was tuned up and ready to fly.  Iceberg was parked as well, but Iceberg was Icehole’s car.  Some of their other vehicles were still getting repaired in the garage. 

The sun shone strongly through the window, and both women sipped their drinks.  A bowl of juicy fruit was on the table in the sun.  The smell of the sun warmed fruit was inviting.  Suzy and Redun enjoyed sampling the juicy fruit.  Juices ran down their faces and wetted their hands.  Suzy and Redun thought it appropriate to have a hot steamy shower to start the morning correctly.  Suzy took the main floor shower, and Redun took the basement shower.  Redun did not mind the basement shower because sunlight shines through a window.  The ladies put their mugs in the dishwasher and fruit peels in the garbage.

The showers were very warm, fragrant, and steamy.  Suzy was taking extra long in the shower, but Redun was already dressed and inspecting Sleeping Bear.  Redun planned on a drive around the old village today.  The sunny weather was perfect for the drive.  As Redun checked Sleeping Bear’s fuel, Suzy Cowgirl bounced out of the mansion.  The sun sparkled off Suzy’s pink sunglasses.  Both ladies sat in Sleeping Bear and turned the ignition.  The engine buzzed like a snoozing bear. 

Off the ladies went to the old village with the engine buzzing and radio blasting.  Some clouds came in, but the sun was strong today.  Sleeping Bear could fly, dive and roll.  Sleeping Bear could space travel too.  The ladies were in for a comfortable ride today, so outer space travel was off limits.  The old village ride was enjoyable, bouncy, fast, wild and very sunny.  The old village market was open, so Suzy and Redun decided to park Sleeping Bear. 

Green Ghost – April 6, 2022

Mouth watering pumpkins, attentive seagulls, hungry little monsters, explosive rocket ships, and a skull captain.  What is happening today?  Stars, stripes, and things in motion.  Stars are active tonight.  I believe the rocket ship is leaving soon.  Where is the skull captain?  Is he traveling in his ocean boat?  Are the seagulls helping the skull captain navigate his path?  The skull captain must gather many pumpkins before the hungry little monsters appear.  Oh, there is the captain.  

The skull captain is taking pumpkins, cherries, and apples from a distant patch of land.  Hopefully the captain looks scary enough to ward off the hungry little monsters.  The skull captain is unarmed and moves very slowly.  The skull captain’s legs are short, and his belly is round.  Oh well, the skull captain is moving fast enough.  

There are a variety of hungry little monsters in the patch of land.  But they all stem from a blob being.  A blob with a large mouth.  Better tell the captain to get a move on because the hungry little monsters are creeping closer.  Anyways, some of the hungry little monsters have horns, big eyes, noses, arms, and lips.  There are so many different hungry little monsters, that the variety is astounding.  The hungry little monsters are constantly evolving.  One thing is common throughout the hungry little monsters.  They are all hungry.  Unfortunately, the skull captain is not always hungry.

Not all creatures are hungry.  For example, the seagulls nibble.  In addition, the skull captain is satiated and stores the food.  However, the hungry little monsters are always hungry.  Little munches lead up to large chomps.  And most other living beings avoid the hungry little monsters.  In fact, there is a land far away that doesn’t have hungry little monsters, but the far off land existed long ago.  Does that far off land still exist?

The skull captain must still dream about driving his red sports car on the roads of the far off land.  What else is in the far off land?  The skull captain’s house, wife, and more red sports cars.  There are more sunny days in the far off land.  Instead of the current occasional sunny break from the dark night sky.  Hopefully, the skull captain can gather enough resources to travel back to the far off land.

Does the rocket ship travel through time?  To resync with the red sports car lifestyle.  Instead of avoiding the hungry little monsters, and talking to the seagulls.  The skull captain better take his goods and leave on the rocket ship.  Tell the skull captain to leave now.  

Off the skull captain goes.  In the rocket ship.  Stars and stripes rip from the rocket ship thruster.  Faster and faster the rocket ship goes.  Back to the red sports car life.  Through the universe the rocket ship travels.  To a new planet.  Will this new planet have more hungry little monsters?  Unfortunately so.  The skull captain cannot avoid the hungry little monsters.  Even traveling through the vast universe cannot extinguish the hungry little monsters’ presence.  

The skull captain must avoid the hungry little monsters, and continue to gather resources.  It is tragic that the skull captain cannot return to the red sports car lifestyle.  It was so much fun driving the red sports car on a sunny day.  The skull captain confesses that he doesn’t like apples and pumpkins too much.  Cherries are much more desirable though.  Maybe it would be best to learn to trade pumpkins and apples with the hungry little monsters.  Focusing on cherries would be best for the future of the skull captain.

Orange Blind – March 7, 2022

The colour orange is a nice colour.  Why does the colour orange cause blindness?  Stepping out into a new day.  Boom, the colour orange appears out of nowhere.  Orange blindness hits and things fall down.  Fall to the ground.  Bang.

Everyday normal activities are well run and smooth, but turning up the challenge at any time can lead to troubles.  Any intensity increase leads towards a raise in the colour orange.  Orange blindness and events turn chaotic.  Like a bull’s charge.  Orange blind and everything falls.  To the ground.  Bang.

Even through practice, life is cool and blue.  Nothing to complain about.  Once the competition whistle goes then the colour orange becomes more intense.  Motion becomes arrested.  Stopping everything in a shade of orange.  When winners become losers then it is cool, calm and blue.  

Intensity and competition leading to orange blindness could be prevented.  How?  As the mind feels the competition, the mental stresses occur.  Orange blind.  Even with filters covering the eyes, orange blindness occurs.  Competition embarrassment rushes the mind and experiences become intoxicated with orange sensations.

One way to aid orange blindness might be to practice with orange gear.  Or even put orange items around the dwelling.  To allow for the rush and confusion of orange blind situations.  To become more comfortable with surroundings.

The best practice and training is no preparation for orange blindness.  During competition the rush of embarrassment leading to orange blind reactions must be controlled.  Maybe during training public embarrassment exercises could be added.  Spontaneous or scripted public events.  

With the aid of social media, public embarrassment is easier to access.  Using social media is a relatively cheap and affordable way to get the rush of orange blind reactions.  Conquering stage fright.  Stage fright is similar to orange blind reactions.  With the aid of social media, a person can develop a better stage presence.  Making fans, supporters, and friends.  A solid group that can take competitors to the highest point. 

Cottage Life – April 11, 2022

Not a concern at all.  Sitting on the cottage deck siping beverages and enjoying the view.  Doesn’t matter what the view could be.  The view could be mountains, grasslands, lakes, ocean, or a tropical destination.  Sitting away from the bustle of busy city life.  The pollution, garbage, and busy people can be a stressful situation.

The beverage of choice could be anything you want it to be.  Juice is great for hot days.  Tea is great to catch more hours in the day.  Same to with coffee, but coffee can aid in tuning you into nature.  Alcoholic beverages are perfect anytime of the day.  Especially during the starry night.

Sitting and doing nothing is what everybody needs to experience.  To get the fullness of life.  Sit and let life catch up to you.  Maybe sit for hours then friends come looking to share the sitting area.  Friends that can keep you away from the dirty and polluted city.  Sit for hours as a group, and let life catch up with all of you.  To agree on a single vision together.  Often great meals are planned this way.

Cottage meals are often needed to skip the stones of life.  Meals don’t have to be difficult to prepare or toxic like city meals.  Many cottage meals are simple tasks, and allow much more time sitting with the view.  Group preparation leaves little for individuals to do.  

Sunny cottage days are the best.  Bask in the sun for hours.  Sip your favourite beverage too.  Gather many sun rays.  Bring friends over to get some heat.  Plump yourself in the sun.  Enjoy.

Sometimes the excitement gets going.  Fishing is one activity for all ages.  Then there is the jet-ski.  Fast, smooth, and enjoyable.  Maybe even water skiing during the afternoon sunlight.  Cliff dive into a lake to boast.  Many still prefer sitting in the sun.  Letting the city disappear.

City life can be dull and square.  Cottage life is adventurous and sunny, and is not cut into segments.  Nature greets cottages.  Welcoming the cottage goers to enjoy nature in its best form.  Not concrete, asphalt and lights of the city.

Trip Kid Jason – April 12, 2022

Jason has grown up since his last battle with the srod, skeletons, and witch.  In fact, Jason has had a life full of adventure.  Many more adventures than just the witch and her cave maze full of monsters.  Jason is still a karate master, and has opened his career too.  Not only can he defend himself with martial arts, he can educate others in many technical degrees.

Currently Jason is strolling down the boulevard near the sunset strip.  Many locals and tourists are enjoying the boulevard too.  Every now and again Jason meets up with a friend and shakes hands with them.  Jason also stops for photos because he is a local celebrity.  Everywhere Jason goes people want to meet and greet him.

The sun has begun to set in the horizon, and within moments the boulevard will be dark.  Dark and mysterious, but the city street lights will be turned on soon.  The shop lights will also light the way at night.  Many strangers will visit the boulevard at night.  The police recommend that people do not enjoy the boulevard at night.  

A parade of skeletons entered the street to march the boulevard.  The skeleton parade was not a shock to the locals because many parades happen on the boulevard.  Jason saw the skeleton parade, and he was shocked to see them.  Some of the skeleton parade members saw Jason, and the parade members laughed at Jason.  The parade passed by Jason and the small group around him.  

The small group around Jason was worried to see Jason laughed at.  Jason let the embarrassing situation calm down.  Jason laughed, smiled, and waved at the skeletons.  Not making a scene Jason went back to the small group around him.  The skeleton parade continued along the boulevard.  

The night sky was clear, and the stars were shining bright.  The sun’s heat was now gone, and a cool breeze entered.  Some shops were beginning to close for the night, but the city lights were still on.  Many people were beginning to leave, but Jason stayed with the small group around him.

Jason continued entertaining the small group.  Flexing and showing off some martial arts skills.  Jason’s stories were very entertaining and hilarious.  Many people were gathered around Jason.  But as time went on, some people left the small group.  Until it was a couple people and Jason.  The people remaining were close friends of Jason.  Soon only Jason was on the boulevard.  

Alone, Jason let the day cool down.  Jason bought an energy drink at the one shop still open.  Thanking the shop owner Jason left a tip.  Jason looked around the boulevard and it was scattered with a few people.  Many people have left.  Jason quickly glanced at the stars.  Then Jason took a deep breath.

The police did a great job protecting the boulevard, so many small crimes did not occur.  Jason was alone for the first time today.  Looking again at the stars and horizon, Jason took in another deep breath.  Jason wondered if there were more adventures for him in the future.  With the strong police force, it has become more difficult to find new adventures.  Jason finished his energy drink, and dropped the can in the recycling box.  Jason left the boulevard as the moon started to rise.

DNA Sugar Story – April 13, 2022

Life on earth started many years ago.  The exact date is not important for this short essay.  The evolution of life started small.  Plants were on Earth before animals.  Was DNA on earth before sugar?

In the ooze of life was there a cycle of sugar synthesis before the creation of DNA?  DNA’s backbone has the inclusion of sugar.  Was the production of sugar in mass abundance?  So much sugar synthesis that sugar pools might have led to the creation of DNA?

A sturdy sugar backbone like some cellulose plant walls might be a contributing factor to the success of DNA.  Sugar might have had time to assemble into helix forms with the fluctuating temperatures, chemicals, and light.  This sugar tempering might have led to DNA synthesis. Forming and reforming the sugar helix structure.  Building a sugar helix as a base for development.  Collecting other chemicals to ensure the longevity of the favourable helix form.

The hydrocarbon sugar helix form might lead to mirror reflections in the genetic program.  Where the helix sets limits on genetic storage within DNA.  Adding the genetic program to maintain the sugar backbone.  

Again the maybe the abundance of sugars in the prehistoric ooze might have evolved into the sugar backbone.  Collecting chemicals to maintain the sugar helix.  Adding to an ever evolving genetic program to defend, maintain, and strengthen the sugar backbone. 

The proposed abundance of sugars might have led to DNA evolution.  Today the abundance of coal and oil has led to industrial plastic abundance.  What will the plastic abundance mean towards life.  Will animals be forced to consume plastics?  How does plastic influence the proposed DNA story?  Does the abundance of plastics degrade the favourable sugar helix form?  Bit by plastic bit?

Valentine’s Jackpots – April 14, 2022

The casino was open to gamblers.  Lights lit up the outer casino, and the inside was warmly lit.  Many people played different games.  A man sat at a slot machine.  The man pressed the spin button on the slot machine, and the machine spun a new sequence.  The new sequence on the screen displayed a win.  A huge win. 

The attendant came by to pay the gambler.  The attendant put lots of cash into the hands of the man.  The man put the cash into his wallet and went to a new slot machine.  He played the machine for several minutes then he won again.  The man won a jackpot on the slot machine.  The attendant came by and gave the man some more jackpot cash winnings.  The man smiled.

Off to another slot machine, and the man was soon to win another slots machine jackpot.  Another cash payout.  Another smile from the man.  His wallet was becoming too fat to hold the cash winnings from the slot machine.

The man went to the Texas hold’em poker table, and played some hands.  He lost some cash because he was not familiar with Texas hold’em poker.  He shared some laughs.  And he had some drinks and snacks.

The night was still early.  In fact, the night was closer to supper.  The man used some of his winnings to buy a meal at the casino restaurant.  He was going to order a steak meal, but he ordered a cajun chicken meal instead.  With a spicy herby butter sauce for the chicken.  The man was very satisfied with the meal.  The tip left for the waitress was large.  After cleaning up in the restroom, the man picked one of his favourite slots.

A golden lady game was his favourite slot.  He played the high roller version of the game, and he won the jackpot again.  The attendant paid the man, and he smiled again.  His wallet was almost too fat to store the jackpot winnings.  

The man decided to stay until midnight playing casino games, but mostly the slot machines.  He lost more cash at the Texas hold’em table.  He won a huge hand at the blackjack table.  More jackpots were won at several slot machines.  It was a great night.  The night was getting loose towards midnight because the man had many alcoholic drinks to celebrate the wins.  At midnight the man called a taxi to take him home.  What a day of gambling.  From casino opening to midnight, the man gambled successfully.  Except for the Texas hold’em table.

When the man got home, he counted his cash winnings from his fat wallet.  With glee, the man celebrated with his pet goldfish.  A portion of his winnings would be reinvested into the casino.  The man would buy some clothes, sports cards, pet supplies, collectibles, and food.  He did not win enough to buy a new car.  The man put his winnings away, and decided to rest for the evening.  The night was exciting, but the alcoholic drinks were making him tired.  Needing the rest, the man laid down.  

Later on the man found out he was banned from the casino for life.  The casino did not give the man a reason, but the man assumed it was due to his exceptional gambling.  The man bought himself a small trophy to remember the haul he had at the casino.  A magnificent night of exceptional gambling.  A truly amazing run of wins at the casino.  The man will be remembered for a long time because of the many jackpot wins he had that night.

Electrons and Batteries – April 18, 2022

Electrons are fascinating.  In the atom, there is a nucleus and outer orbiting electrons.  This is a simple description of an atom.  In the nucleus are protons and neutrons.  Can electrons leave the orbiting shell?  If so, then the electrons can be shared.  From one atom to another, the electrons move.  Enriching and depleting.

Plastids take in the sun’s energy to create sugars that might be enriched in electrons.  Or at least to say the sugars are full of energy, and enriched to its maximum.  And as mitochondria break down sugars for energy, ATP is created.  ATP and sugars are similar because they are enriched to the maximum, and ready to release energy.

Plants release oxygen for animals to breathe in.  Animals release carbon dioxide for plants to absorb.  This cycle maintains a healthy relationship between plants and animals.  From the top, plants use the sun to create sugars and oxygen.  Animals use sugars and oxygen to release carbon dioxide and other wastes.  A cycle that uses the sun’s energy efficiently, but might scatter electrons is heaps of waste. 

As the plants enrich sugars and oxygen with electrons,  animals degrade sugars and oxygen to scatter the electrons.  Animals make an electron wasteland.  Although the cycle of electrons is efficient and plants reuse animal wastes,  there are still dumps of electron waste.  Electrons waiting to be utilized by plants.  The pH scale might aid in determining the state of waste.  A low pH is related to high proton count which is acidic.  A high pH is related to low proton count which is alkaline.  Alkaline waste could be more enriched with electrons in a scattered disorganized way.  Can electrons be created?  Could electrons become rarer for plants to get?  What happens to the electron dump zones?

Paradise Games – April 19, 2022

Imagine a game of gold distribution.  The aim is to redistribute gold from golden cities to other locations around the multiverse.  This game includes the concept of a multiverse.  There are other paradise lands and other treacherous lands.

Earth has easy to understand paradise lands and treacherous lands.  Just look at a map and watch the news.  Some paradise lands have rich lore, desirable nothingness, gold, food, and promising births.  Some treacherous lands have mountains, forests, hurricanes, cyclones, and volcanos.  But what does the multiverse have in regards to paradise lands and treacherous lands?

Take small steps from Earth when looking to understand the multiverse.  First, there is the Sol solar system.  Next is the Milky Way galaxy.  Followed by the universe.  Lastly there is the multiverse.  Easy steps from Earth to the multiverse.  This approach is only for a game, and not to understand the multiverse scientifically.

As for the paradise lands of the multiverse, a simple approach was taken for game purposes.  In the Sol solar system, the Milky Way galaxy, universe, and multiverse paradise lands would have to be better than Earth’s golden cities.  In the Sol solar system a treacherous land would be under constant solar flares.  The treacherous lands of the Milky Way would be under constant flux from a massive black hole.  The treacherous lands of the universe would be affected by the garbage of all inhabitants of the universe.  Finally, treacherous lands of the multiverse would be affected by unreliable wormholes.  This setup is only for a game, so the paradise lands and treacherous lands are suggestions.

Humans might be limited by gold because of the lack of interpretation outside of Earth.  Golden cities would be the most desirable setup for the paradise lands of the Sol solar system, Milky Way galaxy, universe, and multiverse.  Earth has many elements, minerals, and other chemicals.  Gold remains a dominant source of trade.  Human beings might be engineered to see gold as a prize, and humans might not be able to turn off dreams of gold.  There might be more valuable elements, minerals, or other chemicals in the multiverse.  Valuable to alien culture.  Gold might be seen only as a garbage radio tuner element once humans get into the void of space.  A valuable radio tuner element for junker vessels.

Distributing gold all over the multiverse would be the goal of the game.  Catastrophes might arise.  War, confusion, and other natural events might sacrifice promising paradise lands.  Losing the goal of the game.  Gold distribution.  Once the gold is distributed then the game is over.  The wealth of gold is shared in the multiverse.  And more importantly gold deposits are now stored at treacherous lands.  Ensuring prosperity in the hardest times.

Cash Group – April 20, 2022

The stock market was to open soon.  A small group of online traders gathered together.  Some simple chatting happened before the market opened.  Today’s plan like many other days was to watch a stock fall.

The online traders were watching a stock for most of the morning.  Many online chat comments were posted.  Most posts were hilarious to read.  After a couple of hours, the stock showed indications of a fall.  The stock began to fall rapidly.  

The online trader’s leader made another great stock market prediction.  The stock fell enough to earn $1000.  The weeks previous to today were all in the green.  Consistent gains of around $1000 have been made.  Feeling proud, the online traders thanked the group leader.  Many people signed out for the day.

After the day was finished early in the morning, most traders counted their earnings.  Some traders went to the mall to spend some of the earnings.  Saving some of the earnings was important.  Especially for tax season.

At the mall, the local game store was very popular with one of the traders.  Frequently, the trader would buy comics, sports cards, and gaming supplies.  On occasion, the trader would spend a fortune at the local game store.  A trip to the grocery store was always on the traders list.

Fresh produce and quality meats were top on the trader’s list.  After buying the groceries, the trader becomes a master chef.  Preparing meals for a family requires advanced cooking skills.  The wife spends her days working at a firm.  The children attend a private school for the gifted.  Home cooked meals satisfy the whole family.

As the day winds down, the trader prepares for tomorrow’s trading.  When tomorrow arrives, the trader wants to be ready for the online trading group.  The group had many successful days on the market, and hopefully many more days ahead.  Closing the day with some quiet time often lulls the trader to sleep quickly.

The trader starts every morning with a coffee, toast, and cereal.  Getting prepared for the market is a clumsy but quick process.  Entering the morning online trader group awake is a major priority.  The group leader quickly describes the morning trade.  Another stock is predicted to fall.

Watching and waiting for the stock to fall consumes most of the morning.  As the predicted stock falls, many of the online traders smile and cheer.  Another positive day on the market.  Another $1000 is banked.  Off to the mall to gather resources.  The trader wants to make a stop at the bank to buy a bond and some gold bullion.  Currently, life is prosperous for the trader.  Soon, the trader can trade on his own.  Without the aid of the leader.

UAWI – April 21, 2022

Universe at war.  Endliens at war with all of humanity.  The allied forces of humanity pitted in an endless brutal war.  Endliens from far off distances trying to claim victory.  Endliens are trying to install a new lifestyle.  A lifestyle never experienced by humanity.  An Endlien triple flare lifestyle.  

A triple flare lifestyle based on social behavior and advanced consumerism.  Social behavior that is dominated by racing sports and celebration.  The sports are extremely fast.  Too fast for humans.  And the celebrations are too bright, colorful, and fast.  Again, too fast for humans.  And consumerism is fed by the sports.  Buy more sporting goods than comfort goods.

The endliens tried to bring in this fast triple flare lifestyle, but humanity was confused.  Most of humanity always asked Endliens about strong family growth, and recreation as a luxury.  Endliens tried so hard to educate humanity on how to utilize the triple flare.  To spur excitement and passion.  Humanity’s history never mentioned the triple flare lifestyle, and humanity had major difficulties with the triple flare in modern life.  When the triple flare was practiced by humans, fits of extreme mental illness became common.  Humanity had to claim mental health relief.  Endliens saw this as unfit, and after much frustrated deliberation called war.  

War was called because the communication between Endliens and humanity began to break down leading to Endlien anger.  Never have the Endliens experienced a race not versed with triple flare natural benefits.  Endliens have been warring with humanity for a long time, and weapon development was not their strong point.  With speed and accuracy, the Endliens attacked humanity.  Hoping to erase an error of humanity.  An error of triple flare unknowingness.  A massive Endlien education campaign.

Humanity is well versed with war, but the Endliens are not.  Endliens have been able to race around their problems.  Finding speedy solutions to any crisis.  Endliens warfare is weak.  Fast and colourful, the Endiens war vessels often were destroyed.  Endliens were far larger in numbers than humanity, so the Endliens thought the war would be fast.  Unfortunately, the Endliens have put a dent into humanity’s war strategy.

Humanity has hunkered down relying on superior defenses and massive support vessels.  Massive slow bombs with high density detonations have been winning the war for humanity.  Destroying Endlien war efforts has been a routine task.  It looks like humanity is winning the war.  A war they never started.  And humanity’s efforts have led to new civilizations in far off reaches of the universe.  A truly bold move that would allow humanity to acquire alien real estate.  

The war rages on.  Endliens constantly say the triple flare life is the better, faster, happier life.  Humanity is strongly defending their families.  Putting off any hopeless efforts to learn the triple flare because it would take too long, be painful, be confusing, and taxing.  An effort that would destroy humanity, and might warp the minds of decent humans.  The war would have to result in two states of living.  Humanity and triple flare existence.  Humans are cut off from learning the triple flare.

Infinity Treasure – April 25, 2022

Pollen is everywhere in the red toned plus rush bushes.  Bushes that are taller than most trees.  Pollen turns into crystals of sugar.  Sugar on the ground, in the water, in the air, on the animals, and hanging from vegetation.  Pollen was becoming a problem.  But slowly the pollen would be pushed to the outer rims of the plus rush bushes.  Piles of sugary substances to be picked up by local villagers.

Plus rush bushes are very safe places to be, and can rejuvenate health.  Triple flare skills allow people and animals to stay in the plus rush bushes.  When massive amounts of people and animals are in the plus rush bushes, the crystallization effect of the massive pollen clouds is lessened.  Some animals and people feed off of the pollen for dietary needs.  In addition, the sweet fruits and berries of the plus rush bush are consumed.

On this day Popla Banina is trekking through the plus rush bushes.  Popla is consuming the sweet vitality of the plus rush bushes, but he is not to stay too long.  Arunac, Tallom, Snowin, and Snoppad are waiting for him at the local inn.  Popla is gathering some dense sugar crystals for the group.  The dense sugar crystals are great sources of energy and health.

Popla made his way down to the inn, and was not covered in pollen sugar crystals.  Other novice trekkers would be covered in pollen sugar crystals of all sorts and sizes.  Arunac greeted Popla, and the rest of the group waved to Popla.  Popla showed the group the dense sugar crystals in ample supply.  The group approved of the sugar stock, and made plans for the future.

Arunac wanted to stay near the plus rush bushes.  Tallom agreed with Arunac.  Snowin and Snoppad wanted to continue traveling to new destinations.  Popla was indifferent.  They almost decided to stay and continue getting benefits from the local plus rush bush.  The group felt Popla was exhausted.  Popla deserved an adventure of a lifetime.

Popla deserved to go on an expedition that would challenge him, but would be rewarding.  Arunac knew that there was nothing beyond the plus rush bushes, and treasures were rare to find.  Arunac also knew that dangers lurked beyond the plus rush bushes in the forbidden zones.  Forbidden zones that are void of the plus rush bush benefits.

Aruanc grew up in a dangerous locality.  Her locality has a barren landscape, poisonous swamps, toxic rivers, and hostile creatures.  Arunac was taught to be a doctor, and she graduated as a promising doctor.  The community she grew up in is very technically advanced, and relies little on the restorative powers of the plus rush bush.  All of her training could not prepare her for the lush plus rush zones.  She desires so much from the exhilarating plus rush zones.

Arunac conveyed her plus rush zone desires to the group, and she also mentioned that the zones outside of the plus rush bushes were empty and not too full of adventure.  Agreeing with Arunac, the group decided to stay around town awhile.  Entering the plus rush zones would be top priority.  Popla suggested that the group start at the sugar store to get acquainted with the sugar crystals before entering the intense plus rush bushes.

Mountain Peak – April 26, 2022

The pinnacle of a musician’s career is the Mountain Peak studios which are located in outer space.  A music group might have performed several successful shows on different planets.  The music group then gets the big invite to the Mountain Peak stages.  There are many stages in the Mountain Peak studios, but the main stage is the biggest show in the universe.  Many successful acts light up the Mountain Peak main stage then relax in the comfortable resting area collecting rewards, trinkets, credits and other bonuses.

Many if not all of the acts at Mountain Peak are extremely triple flare adept.  Very few musicians without the triple flare skills make it to the main stage.  Humanity is being encouraged to play the main stage, but humanity might not make the stage.  Unfortunately, humanity has not mastered the universally popular triple flare music style.

Starting from a triple flare community, a triple flare adept music group has better chances to make the main stage.  Playing a single night at a triple flare tavern could lead up the grand spectacle of the main stage.  After playing several gigs around the universe in a short span, a music group could take the main stage.  The invite to the main stage might take five songs.  Five amazing songs that are appreciated around the universe.

A music group might play one song or several songs on the Mountain Peak main stage.  Whatever the effort, the payoff is great.  Mountain Peak has access to the markets of the universe.  The musician can shop from around the universe.  At the top stores.  The Mountain Peak stage is very lucrative because a single song on the main stage can make trillions of dollars.  

The music of Mountain Peak is triple flare community driven.  Triple flare music is very common in the universe, and very easy to do.  Triple flare music is very fast and exciting.  Triple flare music is an exhilarating experience to the senses that can be very emotional.  The triple flare is a music catalyst enhancer that excites the mind naturally.  

A small start can lead to a big finish on the main stage.  Learning the triple flare community music style is key to access the Mountain Peak studios.  The triple flare community could be small or large.  Mastering the triple flare is more important than being a professional musician.  After a successful show on the main stage, a music group will become rich and famous.

Lillte Hute – April 27, 2022

Standing on the stage with wild effects and delivering a wonderful musical experience is a common occurrence with Lillte Hute.  Every corner of the universe has heard of Lillte Hute, and the vast majority of the universe enjoys Lillte Hute.  Lillte Hute is ranked as the most popular music group in the universe.

Lillte Hute is originally from the centre of the universe.  The centre of the universe is a wild place to experience.  Many forms of intergalactic communities.  Some communities are from the centre of the universe, and some are from far off localities.  All come to partake in the festivities.  Lillte Hute is often the reason why many come to the centre of the universe.  Lillte Hute does travel the universe performing concerts, but the best shows are in the centre of the universe.

Lillte Hute has performed for a long time.  Almost an eternity of music, but has remained in the top spot for most of its time.  An enduring form of triple flare music keeps the band popular and mainstream.  Many albums have been produced, and most have hit the charts.  Countless number of live shows have been performed.  Wealth has favoured the music group over passing of time.

Lillte Hute is extremely wealthy, but does not flash the riches.  Mansions filled with luxurious goods are plotted around the universe.  Living the good life doesn’t stop the music group from performing.  The Lillte Hute concerts are constantly on the go, with new material and old songs. 

Lillte Hute gathers inspiration from their fans, the universe, and life experiences.  Never shy to expose the truth, Lillte Hute’s honesty draws fans.  Mainly using triple flare techniques, Lillte Hute can develop new routines, lyrics, and melody regularly.  Very few events, things, or mishaps get Lillte Hute off their creative flow. 

Lillte Hute creates and entertains to find life’s purpose.  To reveal life’s beauty with music.  Creating new fans and celebrating old fans.  Always keeping the top spot on the charts.  Representing the centre of the universe. 

$orcery – April 28, 2022

Entertaining the globe and universe is the rap group $orcery.  They have a direct link to the centre of the universe which helps to spread their harmony.  $orcery’s music has flooded remote regions of the universe.  Immense riches have been accumulated from their successful career. 

In the beginning, rap was seen as a new form of music.  Not known around the universe.  Starting from Earth and making it around the universe.  The rap music provided by $orcery was extremely accepted by other alien cultures while in competition to the intensely fast triple flare music.  

$orcery came from humble backgrounds.  Without the aid of a triple flare community, the rap group put together extremely likable rap songs.  As the career went on, the rap group learned and adapted triple flare techniques.  Appealing to a wider audience with the triple flare techniques, the group’s popularity shot to the top of the charts.

The riches of $orcery are huge.  Mansions scattered throughout the universe.  Luxury yachts that are capable of air, water, and outer space travel.  Quality goods from around the universe.  And multi trillion dollar bank accounts.

$orcery concerts have taken place around the universe.  $orcery is generally accepted at Mountain Peak studios.  They have played multi song concerts at the Mountain Peak main stage.  $orcery’s earnings from playing at Mountain Peak have been very financially rewarding.  Playing some of the lower stages gives encouragement, hope, and promise to $orcery.  Playing big stages and low stages keeps $orcery’s creative engines running.

Anna Whatfield – May 2, 2022

Anna Whatfield is the best human entertainment collaboration ever witnessed in the universe.  Anna has been able to adapt triple flare techniques within her music.  Anna is tall, blond, and full of energy.  Many of her triple flare hits make it to the best nightclubs in the universe.  

Her upbringing was from an established and successful triple flare community on Earth.  She has sung songs since being young.  Her parents were successful triple flare entertainers, but Anna has more to offer.  Her family is adept with the triple flare skills, and aid in triple flare education within their community.  

Anna’s rise to superstardom was pretty easy because she was spotted at a talent fair for college students.  The talent agency that spotted her is the popular choice for the music entertainment industry.  The agency treated Anna fairly, and helped to develop her music.  Development took many years, but the product was a success.  The main agency often hired other successful developmental agencies.  Anna’s progress is the most collaborated effort to this day in music entertainment.  The agency hoped to overlap Anna’s development to produce the best music product possible.

The rewards have been many because of the intergalactic exposure.  What would be millions of dollars on Earth turn into trillions of dollars when successfully exposed to the universe.  Mountain Peak has been a rewarding experience for Anna, but her success came before being a regular at Mountain Peak.  Anna often likes to visit Mountain Peak because of the post show shopping.  More luxury stores geared towards talented musicians.

What Anna can make of a life is slim because of her grueling schedule.  Anna has had relationships, educational recognition, children, and employment since starting her entertainment career.  Many other bonuses have come her way too, and the agency is always willing to council her.  The police have given Anna several awards for her community service and community development.  

Anna’s wealth is immense.  Treated fairly by her agency, Anna has always been overwhelmingly wealthy.  As her wealth continues to grow, she has invested much towards community development.  She likes to live in luxury, and her several intergalactic mansions are well stocked.  She likes to travel outer space in style over speed, and she owns many luxury cruisers.

The songs of Anna vary in emotion, harmony, and style.  Much of her presentation is tailored by her agency.  The main agency and sub-agencies develop the songs.  Some say the songs are too produced and boxy.  Many love the universal appeal of Anna’s songs.  Her sense of flashiness drives the audience wild. 

Beard Company – May 3, 2022

Mass outer space colonies are scattered throughout the universe.  Communities formed around life giving stars.  Capturing energy from the stars to power massive communities.  Mega libraries are in most outer space communities.  Some libraries have glass enclosures, and the view to outer space is amazing.  Hotels are common, and allow the residents to rent a living.  Most people are satisfied with the outer space lifestyle.  Some crave a more natural living.

Living off the planet.  Back on solid ground.  With a natural life cycle.  Unfortunately, the natural experience is rare.  Most people live in outer space.  Those that can afford a natural life, have to deal with constant land loss.  Erosion is the most common form of land loss.  There are other forces leading to land loss.  Some land loss is man made, others are natural.

To save mankind in outer space, a beard company develops life giving technology.  Easy to use technology that has a gentle touch.  The beard company has produced systems vital for life in outer space.  Breathing, eating, cleaning, resting, and most experiences that are important for life.  Solar systems, capable of using star energy, power most outer space communities.  Starships and star vessels powered by star energy scatter the colonies.  People demand a better, more natural life.

Starships and star vessels have been known to invade natural residences.  Planetary defenses have thwarted most invasion attempts.  Libraries are known to be zones where people plot invasion attempts.  In some areas of the outer space colony it is permitted to have starships and star vessels mounted with turrets.  

The natural residences are unlisted and difficult to locate.  The space colonies are scattered throughout the universe.  Rare triple flare ecosystems are what most people thrive in.  Attempts at adopting new triple flare methods in outer space constantly occur.  Most attempts fail.  The beard company refuses to give up, so it strives to develop new methods of survival.

Speedverse – May 4, 2022

Simple, natural and safe games of speed occur throughout the universe. Once there was a time when deathly risk was a potential danger.  Games of deathly speed have been lost over time.  Now simple and safe games are the popular choice.  These games of speed encourage community growth.

Some of the natural games are track and field running races.  The original races of either sprint or endurances are popular within the speedverse.  Some races are open to all forms of life known in the universe.  Other races use speed divisions to celebrate true achievements.

Card games of speed are examples of simple and safe games.  The card games can be solitaire or multiplayer games.  Around the universe competitors race to determine the fastest player.  Some games are fast, but other games are slow.  The slow games use mathematics to determine how fast the players went.

Virtual reality has taken the universe by storm.  Many virtual reality racing games are popular, and the games are simple and safe to play.  The player can sit safely in a booth to race against other players.  Many players around the universe use this method to determine the fastest player in the universe.

Risky games using fast vehicles have been forgotten over time.  Many officials determined the simple and safe race games to be worthy.  Rules and regulations of the simple and safe race games give track results equal to the risky race games.  To save lives, the officials banned risky race games.  The history has not been forgotten because there are many museums celebrating the old risky race games.

A new addition to simple and safe games are triple flare games.  The universe is still trying to get a handle on triple flare race games.  Group and solo competitions are held testing the triple flare speed.  Testing the speed at how fast an environment changes, or testing the speed in the triple flare mental tube.  There are many ways to test the triple flare speed of an individual.  Many racers from around the universe like the triple flare because of its economic startup.  The triple flare is cheap, wireless, and hands free.  

Many racers compete to determine the fastest racer.  Natural races draw huge crowds.  Card games are popular with many racers because of the unique slow solitaire competitions.  Virtual reality games are popular with most racers because of its wild appeal.  Triple flare races are desired by all racers because triple flare races are cheap and fun.  Museums still educate the universe community about the old banned risky races.  Communities come together during the popular competitions, and communities develop as the races thrive. 

Rylo, Max, and Latisha – May 5, 2022

Join in on the adventures of Rylo, Max, and Latisha.  What situations will they be placed in?  What encounters will they meet?  With their distinct personalities, how will they react?  Rylo is a leader.  Max is a thinker.  Latisha is charismatic.

Not much is known about the group.  Adventure still waits for them.  Will they find a lost island full of treasure?  Will they find long lost dinosaurs?  Will they find a dark mysterious cave?  Will they meet people from new cities?  

One thing is for sure, Rylo will take them in promising directions.  Any problem they have will be solved by Max.  Latisha will become popular with many people.  

Rylo is the eldest of the group.  He is known to be a brave and courageous leader.  Boldly taking the group to new destinations.  Sometimes Rylo is a sneaky individual, and he charts new paths undetected.  When combined with Max he can make informed choices.  With the aid of Latisha, Max can inspire many people.

Max is a thinker, and spends much of his time learning and testing.  Gathering information is a major priority.  Discussions with other thinkers allows Max to refine his ideas.  In his laboratory, Max can determine the validity of his ideas.  He manufactures new inventions for any challenge that an adventure needs.

Latisha is a promising person full of charismatic potential.  Popular with many people wherever she goes, Latisha desires to hit the stage to perform.  Her style is unique, yet she can perform anything.  She has earned her stage presence, and everyday her popularity increases.  She has been on TV, internet, movies and stage.  With a strong educational background, she has made talented friends along the way.

An adventuring group has been formed, and it is time for some treasures to be found.  Setting the scene is an important next step.  Where do the adventurers come from?

Bob Brown – May 9, 2022

Laying in the hospital bed was Bob Brown.  Bob is an ill individual.  He has contracted many common diseases, and has spent most of his time in the hospital.  Willpower keeps him alive.  Along with a very strong triple flare lifestyle. 

Doctors think the triple flare maintains Bob’s health.  Bob’s college years were full of triple flare discovery.  Speed dating events, concerts and raves consumed much of Bob’s life.  At most events he was very social with his triple flare skills, and many other college students used their triple flare skills.  Bob was enrolled in triple flare studies, and his professors encouraged triple flare practice.

The strong, normal, and healthy college exposure to triple flare practices developed Bob into a well rounded individual.  Unfortunately, the positive growth was cut short due to his first bout with illness.  Bob has spent most of his life after college in the hospital battling common diseases.

Bob’s list of illnesses are long, but he kicks most of the illnesses.  The doctors prescribe procedures, surgery, and medication.  Bob uses triple flare rehabilitation methods to rid his body of disease.  The combination is strong enough to allow for restorative health.

The community that Bob grew up in supports the triple flare lifestyle, and most neighborhoods practice.  In fact, the country adopted the triple flare lifestyle.  There is very little opposition to the triple flare because most people accept the stereoscopic facts.  But some people counter that the triple flare is causing medical illness because the triple flare was introduced at a later date of human evolution.  Some suggest humanity does not have the coordination for the triple flare.

Doctors are researching problems with the new stereoscopic discovery.  Many doctors see massive rehabilitation efforts with the triple flare.  Bob’s medical case is being shared, researched, and documented.  Bob truly is a medical mystery, but doctors don’t think the triple flare is the reason for Bob’s long list of illness.  Doctors are focusing on treatment.

Bob has a positive attitude.  Many of his college friends and family visit to wish him well.  Bob had a job after college graduation, but his duration was short.  The illnesses picked up during his work duties.  Although Bob worked for a short time, some of his work colleagues came to visit.

Ignition – May 10, 2022

Dinosaurs once ruled Earth.  Monstrous reptiles dominated every form of life.  Then they vanished.  What was left behind was fossilized.  Unfortunately, there was no record of civilizations.  In addition, there was no record of triple flare activity.  The era of the dinosaurs was a long time ago. What if the first binocular animals on earth used the triple flare to evolve a super intelligence.

The triple flare was introduced to humanity in the year 2002, and the triple flare showed immense promise in brain stimulation.  Problem solving abilities increased.  Creativity flourished.  The promise of the triple flare is limited because the Earth is facing global catastrophes.  

Imagine a time in place in Earth’s prehistoric past where super intelligent binocular reptilian beings evolved from using the triple flare.  Would the timeline of humanity cease to exist?  The reptiles would be able to survive the meteorite impacts because of their superior intelligence.  Developing the reptilians beyond the extinction events, and possibly over the timeline of humans.  Erasing humanity forever.  The solar system beyond might be developed by Earth reptiles.

No more of what humans have today.  Instead reptiles are super charged with triple flare stimulus.  Reptiles that use super intelligence, evolved from the triple flare, to survive in the universe.  How far would the reptiles make it into outer space?  How many new livable planets would they discover?  

Unfortunately, Earth doesn’t have this reptile potential anymore.  Humanity has dominated Earth, and the triple flare is just being introduced to the population.  Triple flare evolution might take place with humans or the next dominant being.  Are there other alien communities that use the triple flare with ease?  

But there might be a way to go back in time.  Introduce the longest living beings on Earth to the triple flare.  Sharks are an example of a mega old species.  Ignite the shark’s passion with the triple flare to go back in time.  To ignite the past.  Restart the super intelligent evolution. Avoiding more catastrophes in the future.

Defenseless – May 11, 2022

Humanity has reached the stars and beyond, and humany has discovered many new alien cultures.  The vast majority of aliens have natural defenses such as claws, canines, electroshock, and venom.  Unfortunately, humanity has no natural defense, so humanity is defenseless in the universe.

Humanity has a gift with speed, and is known to entertain the universe.  With various styles of speed games, humanity can put on a great show.  Humanity’s mindbody control of speed in risk or safety is a rare gem.  Other alien races have tempers that often flare into dangerous fights.  Small fights often turn into galactic wars with the hot tempered and naturally armed aliens.  Angry humans rarely turn vicious, and are celebrated with humor.  This benign nature allows massive control over the element of speed.

Some obvious speed events are races.  Martial arts speed events are celebrated. Team events are enjoyed throughout the universe.  Extra care is taken to take any dangerous risk out of martial arts, races, and team events.  Special padding and concealment aid in keeping the games safer for the athletes.  Special divisions, such as weight classes, are made to keep fair play.  There are even more cerebral events that rely on cards, triple flare abilities, and other safer techniques.  Humanity has positioned itself high in its divisions.  Due to humanity’s non-lethal benign athletic nature,  humans are celebrated across the universe.  The keen insight into speed control has made many humans into great coaches, promoters, and management.

Many aliens rely on technology for attention in the universe.  In fact, speed entertainment was new for most aliens.  Conquering speed in sports is very challenging to most aliens.  Many aliens focus on family development.  Technology aiding family support is popular with many aliens.  Anger is managed behind closed doors of offices.  Most aliens work in cubicles, so physical confrontation is limited.  Producing top notch items is what brings pride to most aliens.  Some aliens are allowed to enter triple flare and speed events.  Unfortunately, the open events often turn into skirmishes..  

Sadly, much of the entertainment is done by humans.  Human weddings are celebrated more than aliens weddings.  Alien weddings often turn violent because of the mental stress.  Humanity has found a place in the universe.  A stage to entertain.  A mental speed zone to master with a benign athletic nature.  With the mass alien investment into technology, speed races can upgrade to a quality stage.

TDXCT – May 12, 2022

In the middle of nowhere was a deep cave used by criminals.  The criminals stored slaves in the cave, and forced the slaves to fight.  Guarded by many large men and dogs, the cave seemed impenetrable to most people.  TDXCT has been scouting the location for many years.  In and out of other missions.  Missions that save lives and catch criminals.

TDXCT thought about deceptive tactics.  Going through the air shafts.  Working through the cracks in the cave.  Hiding on trucks entering and exiting the cave.  Sneaking in at night.  TDXCT was frustrated at the situation and thought it wise to be braver to attack the location.  An all out gun fight.  TDXCT is considered to be a true marksman, and is known to topple empires.

TDXCT has exterminated some of the perimeter guards, but that only raised the guard level.  TDXCT has planted mines near the guard outposts near the cave, but many of the mines have not exterminated the guards.  TDXCT has sabotaged some of the food entering the cave, but only some criminals have gotten sick.  TDXCT liked the idea of poisoning the criminals to force a flush out of the cave.

How TDXCT would poison the criminals was still unknown.  Ingoing food would be an easy target because the criminals still use local food stocks.  Poisoning the air would be challenging because TDXCT was unsure how the air circulation worked.  Water supplies were also brought in, but TDXCT did not know the location.  There was a body of water in the cave’s depth, that would be easy to poison.  TDXCT thought it might be easier to get caught as a slave.  

Get caught and become a slave.  Work from the slave’s location to infiltrate the criminal’s location.  TDXCT could easily escape, and use the criminal’s tools against them.  TDXCT did not trust this method because he was not sure about how the slaves were caught and handled.

For now, TDXCT was still satisfied with his current methods.  Slowly exterminating the guards, and occasionally poisoning the food.  But the water body in the cave’s depths would be the next target for poisoning.  Usually, TDXCT trusts his guns more than sabotage.  Known for TDXCT’s marksmanship, he never misses a shot.  He can take out a whole empire using revolvers.

Tha’Turn – May 16, 2022

Saturn is an old planet, and the alien communities in and around Saturn are thriving.  The aliens of Saturn live a long time, and have much time to celebrate.  One music group called Tha’Turn have entertained much of the Sol solar system.  Tha’Turn has performed at Mountain Peak, and has been to the centre of the universe.  

One of the most celebrated songs created by Tha’Turn is a melody celebrating sunrise called Orange Morning.  It is a catchy song with an exceptional music video.  The music video uses the darkness of space and the orange sunrise.  Orange Morning was created around five hundred Earth years ago.  The song has been played over the whole universe, at Mountain Peak, and at the centre of the universe.

The career of Tha’Turn has been exceptionally long.  Usually the triple flare is solely responsible for longevity, but the landscapes of Saturn and surrounding moons are amazing paradises.  Tha’Turn’s popularity has attracted many to buy paradise real estate in the Saturn area.  Exporters have become lucrative because of Saturn’s paradise plant life.

In the span of Tha’Turn’s career many albums have been produced, concerts have been performed, and awards earned.  The audience of the centre of the universe enjoys their songs, and Tha’Turn has made many celebrity visits there.  Tha’Turn has amassed a huge wealth, and invested much back into the Saturn community.

Tha’Turn will continue to amaze fans into the future.  There is nothing stopping Tha’Turn.  With a mixture of triple flare and paradise music, Tha’turn hopes to maintain the top spot in the music charts.  With continued excellence, Tha’Turn will gain rewards.  With continued exposure to Saturn’s paradise lands, Tha’Turn hopes to become top ambassadors. 

Slrho – May 17, 2022

A triple flare community resides in a solar system.  Many livable planets orbit the sun.  All of the livable planets support a triple flare lifestyle.  One member from the triple flare community is named Slrho.  Slrho is going to be traveling to Earth to aid in triple flare development.

Earth has recently been introduced to the triple flare, but many problems have presented.  Many Earthlings get headaches whenever the triple flare is performed.  Slrho and his crew hope to remedy the situation.  Time of relief has been announced on Earth, as Slrho begins to help Earthlings.

Earth has never used the triple flare mechanism.  Not even in Earth’s prehistoric past have creatures presented triple flare communities.  Even stereoscopic science has nothing about the triple flare.  The triple flare is new to the Earth and advanced civilizations of humanity.  The triple flare has presented unfortunate symptoms in willing people.  Anger, headaches, and forms of mental illness are some of the common symptoms.

Slrho and his crew will touchdown in a heavily guarded facility.  Instructions and aid will be broadcast on TV, internet, and alien technology.  People will be restricted entry.  Online discussions will be open to the public, and successful triple flare sessions will be live.  Slrho hopes to have music shows broadcast during the weekend.

Medical communities will be on standby to deal with the mental illness that may occur during the triple flare broadcasts.  The health board suggested that mental illness might be a global catastrophe.  Where many people around the world get a form of mental illness.  The benefits from the triple flare are many, but Earthlings might not be ready for triple flare exposure.

Red Zone – May 18, 2022

A modern age community able to communicate with red body parts.  Red tongues, red hand palms, and red foot soles are the noticeably red parts.  When the community gets together, the red body parts become more intense.  The body parts keep a solid red colour. 

Individuals can exhibit or hide the red colours.  Some have developed a colour language using different expressions of red.  The language has evolved over time, but it has been in existence for a long time.  Some words are silent with the red hands communicating.  Some words are vocal using the red tongue.  Some words are in motion while moving red feet.  Words that use all forms of red are usually put into celebration.

This community has existed for ages.  In the beginning, the red tribe lived off the land.  The tribe was known to drop on prey from tall heights with all red body parts exposed.  Large berries would be caught by the red tribe with red palms.  At night, the red tribe would hunt.  While hunting the tribe could conceal or reveal their redness for hunting communication.  When concealed, the red tribe could sneak up on prey.

Not all of the prehistoric time was used to hunt and gather.  Celebration played a big role.  With the tribe’s redness, there was less need for elaborate dress.  Simple gatherings would lead into massive parties.

Games were popular with the prehistoric red tribe.  Many different games were developed using their redness.  Vocal, hand, and running games entertained the red tribe.  The winners would often get awards that would make winners into legends.

Anger did happen within the tribe, but at a less frequent rate.  The red tribe was known to be more peaceful than aggressive.  Due to the tribe’s redness there was a saying that an angry situation was red enough.  The common redness trait was believed to stop aggressive actions from happening.  Some speculate that the blood red appearance acted as an illusion of blood which acted as a deterrent for more aggression..  Others believe their redness came as a reward because of the tribe’s fun attitude.

Kiersten – May 19, 2022

Join in on the triple flare fun.  Learn more about the triple flare, and its possibilities with members of Kiersten.  Aliens and animals that are adept with the triple flare try to approach humans.  It might be strange for humans to meet up with talking animals and friendly aliens, but the warmth of the group should ease many tense moments.

Slrho is the leader of the bunch, and Slrho has a mellow yellow appearance.  Slrho has been sent on a mission to aid humans with triple flare lessons.  He is very friendly, knowledgeable, and entertaining.  It has been a short visit to Earth, but Slrho is making new friends everyday.

Kim is a tall white alien.  Kim has white hair, blue-gray skin, and pinkish eyes.  A natural alien resident of Earth that lives above land, deep in caves, and in outer space trade stations.  She met Slrho through the intergalactic alien stewardship council.  She is relatively new to the triple flare, and she gets triple flare help from Slrho.  Slrho and Kim are going to try to aid humans with the triple flare.

There are some talking animals that Slrho has used the triple flare on to establish harmonic communication.  Max the husky has bright blue eyes that are amazing to look at.  Sam the siamese cat also has stunning blue eyes.  Larry the lemur has big eyes.  These animals were chosen by Slrho because of their spectacular eyes.  Attractive eyes are more appealing when first learning the triple flare.

On their first encounter with humans they met a traveling lumberjack in the woods.  The lumberjack was working alone, and was stunned to meet the group.  He acted inappropriately and almost used his axe defensively.  Slrho, Kim and the talking animals will have to approach humans with better common sense.  To spread triple flare knowledge.