Looking forward to having a great week.

Had a productive time in the office.

Thanks for all the visits this week. It was great. If you visit and have any question please contact me

Please leave a comment about the website, so I can improve it for you guys.

I am trying to bring back my old website for the fans, but I am working behind.

Again I am exploring the triple flare concept that was discovered in 2002. Please ask if you have any questions about the triple flare.

Thanks again for visiting my website. I have tried to add my art for sale, orders and viewing. If you look on the home page at the top I have added a link to some games that I have been working on.

Wishing every one a happy holidays.

Thanks every one for the Holiday wishes. I really appreciate it. Thanks again for all of the interest in the website. Keep the questions coming.

Just added some more art on the home page. Looking forward to the questions that I get. And thanks for coming to my site and please come back.

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