Hard Week

It sure was a hard week. The week started with so much enthusiasm, but at the end of the week I was focusing on the negative. I tried to get my triple flare skills working well with themes of my wife, Green Ghost, and innocent adventures. During the week I got bad migraines so I focused on the negative triple flares to vent some frustration. Stories like Zoo Noo, Dragon Tea Flea, Signal, and Fallen Blade Angel took over my days and long cool evenings. I gave up and tried to rescue the week with triple flare skills around NHL player Manon Rheaume. Next week I probably will do some triple flares about catastrophes of Canada and the Lheidli T’enneh. Have a great weekend and thanks for the support. How did your triple flare sessions go? Did you have any questions about the triple flare? Please ask with any concerns.

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