Days of Rock

Spending another day listening to Rock. Some great songs to entertain the hours while playing Sage King. Sage King is a solitaire game in which you act as a seated king. Events happen that you have to respond to. War, jail, trust and donations are just a few of the actions you can do regularly in the game. Buff up the tech. Maximize the magic. Gather all the gold. Sage King is an entertaining game that can last hours. Hopefully a Infinity Treasure solitaire game will be developed in the future. Contact me if you can develop video, card, or other games. Stereo Sweets is always looking for new talent to get the games going. Contact me if you can perform the triple flare. Contact me if you want to learn more about the triple flare. Please share Stereo Sweets with your friends. And if you see the potential of Stereo Sweets, then please make monthly or one time donations. Thanks for the visit, and have a great day.

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