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Sage King and Sage Fast are soon to be tested again. For all the fans of the Sage games, there are more games in the works. Sage games are great solitaire games. Perfect for down time and alone time. Sage King should take the player hours to complete. How great is that. Finally, a long game of conquest. Again I will post that many thanks go out to the NSA 3D convention. Great times were had by all. As for the future of Stereo Sweets, upgrades to the storylines are in the plans. There might be some more original paintings created soon. Any suggestions? If you have any questions about the triple flare, please contact me through the Stereo Sweets Contact page. If you would like to invite Stereo Sweets to an upcoming convention, please use the Stereo Sweets Contact page. Thanks for reading my post. Have a great day!

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