This website is managed by Brent Shelest, and Brent is located in Canada. Much of his spare time is dedicated towards Stereo Sweets as a hobby. He is an amateur artist and is always trying to improve. Although Brent speaks grand of the triple flare, he has had a small number of triple flare participants. Brent has been a stereoscopic enthusiast since being a little boy. Much of his childhood was spent playing with View Master toys and learning the floating finger trick. When Magic Eye puzzles came out in Brent’s teenage years, Brent was quick to solve them. Soon after Brent found Magic Eye puzzles too easy. When Brent was in his college years, he discovered the triple flare sweet spot on his own and under his own power while watching the news on TV. His eyes naturally slipped into position. Currently, Brent does not own a stereoscopic camera. He started to use Stereo Photo Maker recently in Summer 2021 for the first time.

Brent Shelest has a BSc in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. He successfully graduated from UNBC in the year 2008. Construction runs deep in his family as most members of his family work for a large company called Graham Construction. Brent has had many jobs from tree planting, kitchen, and lab work. As for recreation, Brent took a vacation to Africa in the year 2000. On a shoestring, Brent backpacked from Egypt to South Africa with the exception of flying over Sudan. One highlight was hitchhiking across many parts of South Africa. But snorkeling in Egypt and Tanzania are truly treasured for a lifetime. Zambia and Malawi will always be remembered as heartwarming nations. Satisfying a lifetime goal, Brent had a TV special on Space Channel about meteorite hunting around Alberta and Saskatchewan with help from UC and UR. The meteorite hunt was called the Prairie Meteorite Search. The meteorite special aired in the year 2002.

The goal of this website is to introduce the new triple flare concept. Brent was the first person in the world to introduce the triple flare, and Brent might be the only person in the universe doing the triple flare. That loneliness can be frustrating, so please participate. All of the characters and storylines introduced were created by Brent. The art presented in this website is triple flare involved art, where the process of the triple flare was involved with the creation of the art. Since the introduction of the triple flare in the year 2002, Brent has been testing it. Stereo Sweets was created around 2008 and has been spotted at some comic conventions. Brent was involved with the National Stereoscopic Association 3D-Con 2021 as an artist in the art gallery.

As a hobby, the development is painfully slow. Sadly, Brent Shelest suffers from a mental illness and other medical issues that he is getting professional help with. Illness that Brent deals with daily. Any encouragement that Brent gets is greatly appreciated. Keep the positive vibes going. Brent’s dedication to the triple flare method is surely to be a lifelong endeavor. Brent is still young, so continue to check back to see the progress of Stereo Sweets.

A long term goal of Stereo Sweets is to enter the gaming realm to offer a triple flare flavour. In the meantime, a short term goal of Stereo Sweets is to get many people involved with the triple flare method.

Stereo Sweets is proudly Canadian and strives to add to the Canadian Art scene. Always introducing new content, Stereo Sweets is a true Canadian gem. Stereo Sweets has been enjoyed around the world, and people still come from around the net to view Stereo Sweets.

If you have any questions about Stereo Sweets or Brent Shelest, please use the Contact page.

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