Great Times Had

Well the local Northern Fancon ended last week or so. It was a blast. Lots to do and see. And purchase too. There was great representations from locals. Thanks for the great time Prince George. Sage King and Sage Fast arrived last week too. Fun to play a long conquest game. Still working some of the wrinkles out of these games. I still have some other solitaire and multiplayer card games on Game Crafter. Have a look. The sketch challenge is up and going. Instead of two weeks solid, sketches will be done during the weekdays. New social media links have been added to Stereo Sweets. Twitch is the most prized social media link because my meager Magic: Arena skills can be shown. The Facebook and Twitter social media links are the most used though, enjoy. The Washington Wizards played a preseason game last night. I was pumped up about Todd, Bertans, and Gill. But Holiday, Caldwell-Pope, Goodwin, and Winston seem alright too. Gafford, Hachimura, and Dinwiddie might take some time to get situated in the team. Kispert is still working to excel as a player. Going to be a great season, go Wizards go. If you have any questions about Stereo Sweets, triple flare, or Brent Shelest then please use the Contact page. Have a great week and hope to hear from you soon.

First Finish

I just finished my first sketching challenge. Where I had to sketch what I like for two weeks. Around 30 minutes a day. I like the faces of my characters plus I get to practice the triple flare. I was exhausted during the last bit. Another challenge will start up around September 20th. Again sketch what you like to sketch for two weeks. What do you think of the sketches? Please leave a comment. If you have any questions or comments about the triple flare, then please contact me.

Sketch Challenge

Well I have done it now. I entered a sketching challenge. Two weeks of pure sketching. This is going to be fun. I hope you enjoy it. I also hope I improve too. As an amateur artist I need to improve the quality of my work. I have the characters set. I just need to improve. What do you think? Do you like the quality of my work? If you need help with the triple flare please don’t hesitate to ask.

How are you?

How are you doing? How are you really doing? I am doing okay. As we speak, Sage Fast and Sage King are in production at Game Crafters. I should have the games by October, which will be awesome. Playing Sage King is a thrill. Currently, Sage King is not available on Game Crafters. Some modifications are needed to make Sage King more streamlined. Let me know if you need help with the triple flare.

New Technology

I got introduced to Stereo Maker and StereoPix during the NSA 3D Convention. Stereo Maker was easy to use, and some stereoscopic photos have been created. StereoPix requires and invite, so there might be a delay to the process. Sage King and Sage Fast might be ordered from Game Crafter this weekend, so the delivery will be awhile. The colder weather sure has come in with the early morning. Maybe in a couple of weeks will be the first frost. It is sad to not see the morning sun anymore. Contact me if you have any questions about the triple flare. Have a great rest of the day.

New Releases

Sage King and Sage Fast are soon to be tested again. For all the fans of the Sage games, there are more games in the works. Sage games are great solitaire games. Perfect for down time and alone time. Sage King should take the player hours to complete. How great is that. Finally, a long game of conquest. Again I will post that many thanks go out to the NSA 3D convention. Great times were had by all. As for the future of Stereo Sweets, upgrades to the storylines are in the plans. There might be some more original paintings created soon. Any suggestions? If you have any questions about the triple flare, please contact me through the Stereo Sweets Contact page. If you would like to invite Stereo Sweets to an upcoming convention, please use the Stereo Sweets Contact page. Thanks for reading my post. Have a great day!

Convention Weekend

This weekend sure will be fun because the Virtual 3D-Con 2021 convention is happening. The Gather Town experience is awesome. So many venues and places to socialize. Sage King and Sage Fast are being retested, and might be released in the near future. Old Green Ghost drawings will be added to the Green Ghost page today. If you have any questions about Stereo Sweets, triple flare, or Brent then please use the Contact page. Have a wonderful weekend.

Days of Rock

Spending another day listening to Rock. Some great songs to entertain the hours while playing Sage King. Sage King is a solitaire game in which you act as a seated king. Events happen that you have to respond to. War, jail, trust and donations are just a few of the actions you can do regularly in the game. Buff up the tech. Maximize the magic. Gather all the gold. Sage King is an entertaining game that can last hours. Hopefully a Infinity Treasure solitaire game will be developed in the future. Contact me if you can develop video, card, or other games. Stereo Sweets is always looking for new talent to get the games going. Contact me if you can perform the triple flare. Contact me if you want to learn more about the triple flare. Please share Stereo Sweets with your friends. And if you see the potential of Stereo Sweets, then please make monthly or one time donations. Thanks for the visit, and have a great day.

Smoke and Heat

This summer sure has been a challenge. The heat waves have been intense. The forest fires are worrisome. Survival in these times is of utmost importance. The triple flare studio is still operational. I hope that all of you can stay well during summer. Stay safe. If you have any questions about the triple flare please feel free to ask me. The triple flare is still quite new to the public with only a handful of people practicing. I am not sure where the hobby studio will be going next, but I will be participating in a stereo gram convention in August. I was hoping to expand Infinity Treasure fully this summer. Also add more Green Ghost developments. Progress has been slow due to my health and wild summer situations. Stay well this summer and keep looking for new ideas from Stereo Sweets. Thank you.