Heat Wave

Feels great to be past the recent heat wave. I have never experienced such extreme heat before. Fans, cold water and ice blocks were essential to survival. Summer looks great again. Back to normal too. If you are looking for triple flare advice then please contact me. I am open to comments.

New Post

I cannot believe that my last post was in Christmas. I just want to say thanks for all the attention, emails, and questions I have received. Keep the comments coming. If you have any questions about Stereo Sweets please use the contact page. January and February were great months because they were calm and enjoyable. New games and pictures have been added. Sage King is still under construction, and Sage Fast is soon to be announced. Thanks for the support and keep visiting my website.

One Week

There is one week until Christmas. Are you ready? I sure am not. This year has been tough, real tough. Magic: The Gathering was a huge focus this year. But I am a horrible player. Do you play Magic? Please let me know if you do. Stereo Sweets will be open during the holiday, so please say hello in the Contact page. Please take some time these holidays to visit Stereo Sweets. Let me know which storyline you like. And which ones you don’t like. Thanks again for all the support and tell your friends about Stereo Sweets. If you have any questions on how to do the triple flare or need help with the triple flare please use the Contact page. An introduction to the triple flare sure is a neat holiday gift. Thanks again, and Happy Holidays. Be safe.

Getting Ready

Are you getting ready for Christmas? I’m not ready. Stereo Sweets will be open during December, so if you have any more questions about the triple flare please be brave and contact me. You can go to the Contact page and say anything. The triple flare is a great social skill with friends. Why not surprise someone these holidays with an introduction to the triple flare. Just to let you know I will be open purchasing triple flare photos through PayPal. If you can do the skill and want to make some extra cash let me know. Best wishes during the holidays.


Hi, I would like to thank you for visiting my website. It is constantly under review, so if you have any suggestions then please let me know. If you have any questions concerning the triple flare please contact me. The triple flare started in 2002 and continues to be a great form of entertainment. It can be challenging for the first time, but I assure you when you get going the benefits are many.

New Addition

Hello again. I have added some of the paintings I am currently working on. They are on the home page. Some Matt E Rise, Zack Max Martin, Captain ALL, Comp Wiz and Marty Zoo. I hope you guys like them. They are for sale so please contact me if you are interested in some triple flare art. Again I would like to let you know that if you are unaware of the triple flare then please contact me with any questions. I am always willing to answer any questions or concerns about the concept of the triple flare. A game link will be added so you can play some simple triple flare games, enjoy. A simple album of triple flare music is set to be released as well. Thanks again for all of the support and please tell your friends about Stereo Sweets and the triple flare. Best regard and best wishes in this challenging time.

New Awakening

I have been doing the triple flare regularly over the last months. If you have never tried the triple flare then please contact me with any questions. I think I am the only person doing it in the world or even the universe. Over the last few months I have been playing Magic Arena and listening to some triple flare music I created with a friend of mine. I also created solitaire and multiplayer card games using the concepts of the triple flare. More paintings have been produced. Let me know if you want to see them. Just more of Matt E Rise, ZMM and more. Nothing has been added to my Flow Lab triple flare games. Again let me know if you want to try the games. I really appreciate all the interest in Stereo Sweets and encourage the new visitor to relay a message to say hello.


I had a great triple flare session with a friend of mine this weekend. We played a triple flare game called Concentration plus we played another triple flare game with symbols. It has been a long time since a complete triple flare session has been acted on. Like I said, it felt great! If you have any questions about the triple flare please contact me.

Happy Canada Day!

Hello, and welcome to Stereo Sweets! If you have any questions about the triple flare then please ask me. You can leave a reply or contact me through the contact page. I hope you can spend some time looking at some of the story titles. For those new to the triple flare, it is a party starter and a new social biological reflex. Great for developing mental strength, abilities and smoothness. Are you happy you had some time to visit Stereo Sweets? Stereo Sweets the first and only website in the world doing the triple flare. I have been doing the triple flare for 18 years since 2002, so I am considered to be an expert. I encourage you to try the triple flare and reap the benefits of the biological reflex. For those wanting to reserve time for lessons please contact me for further information. Have a great Canada Day!