Simple Start

I spent most of the weekend watching the Michael Jordan documentary. The series was full of greatness. Are you ready for the week coming up? Have you made any plans for this week? I have already declared my setup for the week. Please remember to leave me some feedback so I can improve. I believe that I am the only person doing the triple flare regularly with posts, so come in an be part of something new. Please ask me any questions.


Hello. Great to hear from you again. How was your week? Mine was a short one focused on the 5 Mass Extinctions. My triple flare skills tried to open up the most devastated periods of time on Earth. I did not gather much for art but I was able to have a nice gentle week. I plan on doing the same this upcoming week. How about you? Where you able to learn the triple flare and try it out? If you have any questions concerning the triple flare is then please contact me. I am always looking for eager people and am willing to teach openly. Thanks for visiting my website and I hope on seeing you again.


I was up most of the night configuring for next week. I have a short week because Monday is a holiday. Instead of practicing my triple flare skills on disasters, I will be focusing on local nightclubs. In the hopes I get what I need from the triple flare sessions. How about you? Have you decided on what you are going to use? What triple flare works well with you? Let me know. And if you are still learning the triple flare please ask for any help.

Hard Week

It sure was a hard week. The week started with so much enthusiasm, but at the end of the week I was focusing on the negative. I tried to get my triple flare skills working well with themes of my wife, Green Ghost, and innocent adventures. During the week I got bad migraines so I focused on the negative triple flares to vent some frustration. Stories like Zoo Noo, Dragon Tea Flea, Signal, and Fallen Blade Angel took over my days and long cool evenings. I gave up and tried to rescue the week with triple flare skills around NHL player Manon Rheaume. Next week I probably will do some triple flares about catastrophes of Canada and the Lheidli T’enneh. Have a great weekend and thanks for the support. How did your triple flare sessions go? Did you have any questions about the triple flare? Please ask with any concerns.

Sunny Weekend

The weekend sure has been sunny. What do you think? Have you enjoyed the sun so far? I will be gearing up for the week ahead where I will be using several hours out of each day to practice my triple flare skill. How about you? Will you practice your triple flare skills this coming week? If you have any questions about the triple flare or want to learn how to do it, please feel free to contact me.

Onto May

Hi everybody.

How are you doing? Is everything going swell?

New art has been updated with some older. Some art is still for sale. Please inquire with questions.

Are you new to the triple flare? If so please ask for additional help. The triple flare is a great way to entertain and prep the mind.

Great to hear from you again. Please keep in touch.

Still Going

Hi everybody. Thanks for visiting my website. I have been having some problems with the website. A simple water mark was added to most of the art pieces.

But all and all the adventure continues. If you have any questions on how to do the triple flare then click on the Learn page.

The triple flare is a new trick that involves eyes. Eyes are the gate to the soul and the triple flare may be the key. So I encourage you to learn the triple flare and open the hard gates to the soul and turn on yourself.

Thanks again and stay safe.


Looking forward to having a great week.

Had a productive time in the office.

Thanks for all the visits this week. It was great. If you visit and have any question please contact me

Please leave a comment about the website, so I can improve it for you guys.

I am trying to bring back my old website for the fans, but I am working behind.

Again I am exploring the triple flare concept that was discovered in 2002. Please ask if you have any questions about the triple flare.

Thanks again for visiting my website. I have tried to add my art for sale, orders and viewing. If you look on the home page at the top I have added a link to some games that I have been working on.

Wishing every one a happy holidays.

Thanks every one for the Holiday wishes. I really appreciate it. Thanks again for all of the interest in the website. Keep the questions coming.

Just added some more art on the home page. Looking forward to the questions that I get. And thanks for coming to my site and please come back.