What is the triple flare?

The triple flare is a facial stereoscopic position that is best done between two people.

How do you do the triple flare?

A little understanding of stereograms is essential. In essence, a person looks at a face, relaxes one’s eyes, and enters the triple flare. Mastering Magic Eye puzzles would help.

Why would you want to do the triple flare?

From its initial understanding from Brent Shelest’s practice, the triple flare enhances the music experience. Once the triple flare is done correctly, then a party like mood is innately exhibited.

Brief information about the triple flare:

The triple flare was found by Brent Shelest in the year 2002. The triple flare is best understood with the science of stereoscopy. Mastery of stereogram puzzles aids the performance of triple flare. The two eye setup of the triple flare is very similar to the two image setup of stereograms. In the models of stereograms two images are used. The triple flare replaces the two images with two eyes. The triple flare seems to act as an social tool that aids in ‘breaking the ice’. The triple flare also acts to improve immersive enjoyment of music. Some benefits that Brent Shelest noticed from doing the triple flare were improved coordination, mental timing, conceptualization, and performance. The triple flare is a mental developmental skill that allows for the mind to graduate under controlled functions. In addition, micro macro skills are developed using the triple flare.

Upgrade to old adage:

Some people say that the eyes are the window to the soul. The triple flare might raise the experience. The triple flare focuses attention on the eyes in a deliberate way. Once two people consent to the duo triple flare, then the old romantic adage is heighted to a new level.

Great child’s game

The triple flare makes a great game with children. Acting as a game of peek-a-boo, the triple flare engages the curiosity of the child. Try to apply the triple flare then disengage, and see what happens. Because the stare of the triple flare is intense but playful, the child might pickup that the triple flare is a happening game. The peek-a-boo triple flare game is hands free, enjoyable, and very stimulating.

Personal experience:

The triple flare is an unique experience that is new to the world. It definitely could be the newest dance craze. The brain is simulated as body fluids are rushed to it. When done correctly, the duo triple flare can be exhilarating. Stimulating the brain can aid in catalyzing imaginative responses. Each individual’s imagination is special and different. Brent Shelest feels the beeps and boops of music as his body is turning on, and as he mentally runs down the duo triple flare eye tunnel. New creative concepts develop during Brent’s triple flare sessions.

The key to all:

The triple flare might act as a key to unlock the mind. Like a key catalyst that instantly opens the mind. Coordinating all organ systems into a controlled experience. And when two people or the self engage in triple flare activities, boundless results could happen. Opening the potential of the powerful mind.

Breaking tradition:

A consensual marriage the purest form of triple flare manipulation. The introduction of technology allows people to concentrate on triple flare selfies. Leaving the conventions of marriage behind. People can cut corners to stimulate the self with self. Sounds strange to exit marriages, but there are benefits to triple flare selfies. Creative efforts can be contributed to the individual and not to others.

Symbolism of the triple flare:

The triple flare leans abstractly toward the ‘all seeing eye’ and third eye. Which are ancient religious and spiritual symbols. The connection is weak, but offers a solution to the thirsty mind. The meager results of the triple flare also suggests a natural high similar to deep meditation.

Missing history:

If the triple flare was introduced eons ago, then maybe human history might be different. Improved features of entertainment introduced from the triple flare might have led to less wars and fair markets. Acting as a quick business start up, the triple flare might have sparked open innovation. The triple flare keeps things moving and breaks up stagnation, so delicate development might have been achieved more successfully. And who knows, we might be on Mars using the triple flare to break the ice with Martians.

Cash Theory:

Due to the natural triple flare raise, a money like buzz can be created around triple flare art. The money buzz can be an issue of trust where the triple flare artform can be used on cash. Also, with constant triple flare practice a strong mental float is created. The strong mental float allows a community or an individual to bounce back from the red or race the positive gains. When a community or individual hits rock bottom, triple flare cash presentation can aid in reconstituting the situation into a healthy vibrant social scene. Adding triple flare art, from a triple flare community, to cash can exponentially replenish, reinvigorate, and restart a lost community. When a community adapts the triple flare lifestyle successfully any travel to a depraved locality can and should lead into a treasure hunting situation.


triple flare – an optical position while looking at a face or dual points in space.

triparation –  denoting an action or an instance of the triple flare.

triparred – having done the triple flare in the past.

triparious – describing a noun using a triple flare adjective.

dual triple flare – doing the triple flare between two people.

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