SAGE games

Welcome to Solo Adventure Game Excitement (SAGE), here Stereo Sweets develops solitaire games. Check out the latest SAGE games from the list provided:

Test – Use your triple flare skills in this solitaire game. Guess the symbol, get the modifier and act accordingly.

Try – Manipulate the whole deck and try to guess the third card strike. Is the third drawn card over or under? Play with the normal coded covers or the master blank covers. The choice is entirely yours.

Flow – Manipulate the elements as you encounter new foes. Water, fire and earth are the forces of power. Block fire with water. Attack earth with fire. Natural forces are unlimited.

King – Be the King in this solitaire game. Choose your destiny and claim your spoils. Utilize tech or magic forces to wage war. Make it through the events calendar to be the King of Kings.

Set – Use different card sets and conquer the enemies that come around looking for trouble.

Hero – The classic Stereo Sweets SAGE game. As the enemies come your way, use suited combos to attack. Find the power treasure to win the game.

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