Your Dart Games

Welcome to the festival of card and board games. Take some time to enjoy the newest additions:

Hall – A battle card game with 3 cards to start. Each level of a card corresponds to how many cards you have. For example, 3 cards are at level 3 and the maximum of 7 cards is the highest level. Pick your strategy wisely as you compete with your opponent. (2 players)

War Chaos Battle – Pick a set of characters and use your triple flare skills to determine the least effective play of your opponent. (2 players)

Speed – Use your triple flare skills against another player to race around the universe. Pick you racer carefully because there are unique bonuses to each racer. (2+ players)

Element – A triple flare game utilizing the elements try to out guess your opponent. (2+ players)

Cycle – An elements game using fire, earth, and water. Attack and defend with the basic elements. Try to beat your opponent. (2+ players)

Please – Guess the three symbol X and O sequence of your opponent by using triple flare skills and act accordingly. Pick up cards, miss a turn and go again! (2+ players)

Wheel – Use the colour wheel to battle your opponent. (2+ players)

Eye of Providence – Use triple flare skills to guess how many cards your opponent has. (2+ players)

Points – Use the points mechanics to battle your opponent to reach the maximum points before your opponent. (2+ players)

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